Blazers and Politics

The Blazers just finished the season by hitting rock bottom as the worst team in the NBA. One of their top players, Randolph, ends the session with a suspension. Rose Garden owners and team owner Paul Allen discuss a joint sale. Former Blazer, Porter, considers buying the team. And it wouldn’t be an Oregon drama without the inclusion of politics as hints of some form of tax help or tax break from the City of Portland comes into play.

Here at the season’s dismal end we ask — what can done?

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  • Sherman

    I have a strange feeling that somehow the city will offer some form of tax credit or break and then claim no tax dollars were used, when it actually wuz.

  • Bob

    Paul Allen is a lucky idiot who got $ with Microsoft and has made virtually no good investements since.

    Even with the Blazers, had Allen asked the city to pay for the RG in 90s they probably would have. Instead, he chose possibly the stupidest course of action, borrowing money from others when he clearly had more than enough to finance it himself. Then he let luxury box revenue go away and now he’s pissed about it. The fact that Global Spectrum has done a great job managing the arena proves Allen is just not that business smart.

    Sell the damn team Paul, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • I am glad that the season is over. As a long time closet blazer fan, I have always hoped for the best and this season was truely a miracle. It became evident early in season that the blazers had no chance for success, but this provided the epiphany to management that their current strategy of drafting high schoolers would not work. Thank you blazers for finally understanding that college is not just place to get an education but also to learn how to play basketball.

  • Don’t despair. Terry Porter is the answer. I’m working with him to raise the money to buy the team.

  • Bob

    Rob, I sincerely hope you succeed. It’ll be nice to have an ownership group that actually knows how to play basketball, besides bringing back one of my childhood idols, Terry Porter.

  • John

    Paul Allen complaining that he can’t afford the Blazers anymore and he has the nerve to ask for public help. If Paul Allen can’t afford the team the taxpayers sure as hell can’t. It’s not the taxpayers fault that Paul Allen is a lousy business man, he signed the contracts with the city and now he whines that he can’t afford them anymore.
    It’s also not the publics fault that the “Fail Blazers” are the worst team in the league. Maybe poor old Paul Allen should sell his newly purchased 450 foot 500 million dollar yacht.

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for Paul Allen? Forbes states that Paul Allens worth went up 1 billion dollars in 2005. How many working class taxpayers can say that?

    I was a huge Blazer fan from 1976 through 2000. I quit watching after the 2000 Finals because I got sick of the Rap/Hip-Hop music and the horrible attitude from so many of the players in the league. I haven’t watched and NBA games since the year 2000.

    Paul Allen makes me sick.

  • John

    To Terry Porter.

    I really hope a deal can be hammered out for you. I would like to get back into watching Basketball again. I fondly remember your days with the Blazers…..oh how I miss those days.

  • Sherman

    Actually I don’t think we should underestimate how destructive the new mascot “Blaze” the wonder dog has been to the downfall to the team. He was introduced a few years ago, and it all came apart since then. He drove Rasheed to drugs and that other guy to dog-fighting. I am sure of it! On the serious side, I wonder why some of our business leaders don’t coem to the rescue or trying to boost the team and its image.

  • Richard

    We ain’t go no Blazers.
    We don’t need to show you any stinking Blazers

  • scott r

    Forget the Blazers – let’s focus on NASCAR.

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