Democrats – for the Little Guy

The Democrats always say they are for the downtrodden, the poor, the wretched, the weak, the helpless — in short, the little guys (and gals). But are they?

Democrats are for high gas prices to reduce usage. Only Democrats, by in large, have prevented drilling for our own oil offshore and in ANWAR, thus assuring our current high prices for gasoline. Please tell the poor guy working for minimum wage and paying $4.69 a gallon for gas how the Democrats have helped him out.

Democrats are for very high minimum wages. The higher the better. Oregon has the fourth highest employment DECREASE of the 50 states in the June, 2008 Bureau of Labor Statistics report but one of the very highest minimum wages in the country. Please tell the out-of-work little guy how Democrats helped him with their push for higher and higher minimum wages.

Democrats made sure that Oregonians with hybrid cars pay double to license their vehicles. They must, as with all that high mileage they simply are not paying their fair share. Please tell the little guy who scraped together enough savings to buy a hybrid how that Democratic Party enacted penalty has helped him out.

Democrats make certain that each year the amount of time spent in school is less than the year before. They make certain that all teachers, regardless of effectiveness, get paid more and more each year for less and less work. Oregon has one of the higher drop-out rates in the country and was recently ranked 49th in education in Education Week’s Quality Counts report. Democrats have made certain no student in Oregon will ever enjoy the benefits of a voucher to attend a better school. Please tell the little guy how Democrats have helped his children get a better education.

Democrats are pushing a ballot measure for open primaries for only one reason and one reason alone: to get two Democrats on the ballot at one time for one position. There is no other reason for their push. Please tell the little guy how the Democrats plan on narrowing choice and locking out other parties will help him.

Democrats want to eliminate the double majority requirement to raise taxes, yet the state continues to wantonly disregard the wishes of the people and continues to pay lavish salaries to state employees with grand benefits and huge raises. Please tell the little guy how the Democrats removing the double majority requirement will help him out.

Democrats stand proud for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. Our jobless are now competing with people who are here illegally, who do not pay taxes, who do not abide by our laws, and who are willing for work for far less than the minimum wage. Please tell the little guy who is trying to find work how the Democrats have helped him with their open borders stand.

Democrats — for the little guy!