Maryl Featherstone: Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

by NW Spotlight

Maryl Featherstone is a very recent Republican. She became a Republican just eight months ago – last fall on August 8, 2011. Prior to eight months ago, Maryl was a Democrat. She was a registered Democrat since she returned to Eastern Oregon in 2003.

On Monday, January 24, 2012, Sen. David Nelson (R-Pendleton) announced he wouldn’t seek a fifth term representing State Senate District 29. Senate District 29 is a very safe Republican seat – with around a 13-point Republican voter registration advantage – an almost impossible race to win for someone registered as a Democrat.

A month later, a little over two weeks ago, Maryl Featherstone of Pendleton announced that she would be running against fellow Republican and Umatilla County Commissioner Bill Hansell to replace Sen. Nelson. Maryl Featherstone’s web site prominently notes that she’s a Republican – but it doesn’t mention that she only recently became a Republican.

Her opponent, Umatilla County Commissioner Bill Hansell, is a life-long Republican.