– All the Top all the Time

Are you tired of searching for the latest news and ideas for your interests one site at a time?, a new site from Guy Kawasaki, provides the visitor with a digital magazine rack. The site is continuously updated and has sufficient categories for almost anyone’s tastes. Under each category the headlines are displayed from dozens of sites and blogs.

Users are free to suggest content, too, and top Twitter users supply Alltop with their choices continuously.

I have checked out the site and it really works! Your first look is the 60 or so categories, clean and neatly arranged in alphabetical order. A mouseover explains the topic to you and then with one click you instantly see Alltop’s aggregation of the best sites for that topic, with the latest headlines for each site, ready for you to click on what interests you. Not only will you find stories you might have otherwise missed, but you will find sites you did not know existed.

One of my hobbies is photography, so I clicked on that topic and got what I expected in sites such as Steves-Digicams, DPREVIEW, Photoshop Insider, and others. But, I also discovered some really good sites I had never heard of before, like Beyond Megapixels, a digital photography site for beginners.

Another great feature on Alltop is that when you mouseover an article title, a window pops up with an excerpt from the article, so you can usually determine immediately if you wish to read further or not.

Readers of the Oregon Catalyst will most likely want to take a look at the politics category. It is very complete. One look and you have the day’s politics covered coast to coast. Now, if enough of us contact Alltop maybe we can Guy to include Oregon Catalyst in the politics section. Try it — I think you’ll like it.