Smith not bi-partisan on tax increases

For several weeks — and I am sure for many more to come — we have heard how Gordon Smith has worked with Republicans and Democrats to get things done. It appears there is one issue where Smith is not so bi-partisan. The Associated Press notes that:

But on one point of Republican orthodoxy, Smith has barely budged: Taxes.

The story focuses on one of Merkley’s many vote to increase our taxes — in this case the raid of the Corporate Kicker during the 2007 legislative session. The article goes on to say:

Gilbride, the Smith spokeswoman, said suspension of the corporate kicker was approved at a time when the state budget had swollen by near 20 percent.

“Jeff Merkley chose to raise taxes to create a rainy day fund when the state had record surpluses,” she said. “Raising taxes is never the only solution.”

So what was Merkley’s response? Check it out:

“For all his talk of bipartisanship, Smith opposes the most important bipartisan accomplishment of the last legislative session,” Merkley said in a statement.

So let me get this straight — The greatest bipartisan accomplishment of the 2007 session was a tax increase? Wow!

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  • Crawdude

    Typical liberal…

  • dean

    Merkley was referring to the rainy day fund, made possible by the tax increase.

    • Davis

      Isn’t that a rather obvious “duh”? Of course that what Merkley’s mouthpiece had in mind; but I rather think that you are able enough to understand the perspective adopted by the Smith campaign as well. You can also understand that it is completely legitimate, if even more accurate, to de-emphasize the rainy day fund to focus on the chosen method of funding it. To-wit: despite a hefty surplus that was more than adequate to provide the initial seed money (that is, after all, how sane people set aside rainy-day savings), Merkley led the Dems down the rat hole of an unnecessary and counter-productive tax increase in order to allow them to push through ever more state spending that will prove to be unsustainable even if we do not experience a true recession before the current biennium ends.

  • Jerry

    Rainy day funds are a joke. Quit wasting our money. Give it back if you don’t need it.
    These people are all crazy! Power hungry money-grubbers. I detest them all.

    • dean

      Lighten up Jerry. Hate will poison your innards and make food digestion problematic.

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