Jeff Merkley cannot hide from tax record

[Statement from the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC]
Merkley’s Tax and Spend Ways a Threat to Oregon

Beaverton, OR — In light of Jeff Merkley recent campaign conversions on many issues (see Crime flip-flop), The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC felt compelled to re-affirm Merkley’s tax record. “Having voted to raise billions of dollars in higher taxes and fees in Oregon, State Rep. Jeff Merkley now wants to raise billions more by seeking a run to the U.S. Senate in 2008. Few people in the legislature are more aggressive about passing new taxes than State Rep. Jeff Merkley.” said Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon. The Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC compiled a list of his tax votes dating back to 1999 to demonstrate a very forceful record of raising taxes at all levels of government (see below).
– Largest tax increase in Oregon history: Voted Yes HB2152 in 2003, the largest tax increase in Oregon history ($800 million). Rejected by voters as Measure 30.
– Higher income taxes (HB 2152) Rejected by voters.
– New taxes on Oregon’s seniors (HB2152). Rejected by voters.
– Increased property taxes (HB2152). Rejected by voters.
– New small business tax (HB2152). Rejected by voters.
– Income Tax Surcharge: A $700 million tax increase (HB4079 in 2002). An increase later rejected by voters when placed on the ballot as Measure 28.
– New corporate taxes: (HB3068 in 2005)
– Raiding Kicker Tax Refunds: Voted to suspend the “kicker” (HB3216 in 2005), voted to raid a 1/’3rd of the kicker funds (2001 as SB 963), voted against putting kicker in constitution which was overwhelmingly approved by voters (1999 as HJR 17)
– Higher transportation taxes: Voted to double vehicle license fees (2001 as HB 2142) and higher airline fuel taxes (1999 as HB2199)
– 38 New Tax Increases: Lead Democrats in sponsoring 38 new tax increases in the 2005 session.
– Make it easier for local governments to raise taxes: Paved the way for increased property taxes by supporting H.J.R. 15 in 2007, a resolution proposed to eliminate the double majority rule for property tax measures.
– Opposed tax cuts: Twice Merkley twice opposed cutting capital gains taxes (2001 as SB 67, 2005 as HB 2332).
– Oppose Bush Tax Cuts: Merkley voted against supporting the popular Bush tax cuts which bounced the nation out of the recession (2001 as House Joint Memorial 28).