Needed: More Sunshine on School Budgets

More and more easily-searchable, easy-to-understand government budgets are going online across the country. Some are being posted by private organizations tired of foot dragging by public servants. In N. Dakota, a state-focused think tank undertook the “Sunshine on Schools“ project and placed online the budgets of all K-12 school districts in the state. In addition to basic district information, the website contains historical data, and teacher and administrative salaries. Further, it tracks categorized revenue and spending back to 1985. NDPC proposed to state lawmakers in 2007 that school districts be required to do this; the feedback from legislators and school administrators: There weren’t enough funds. Interestingly, NDPC accomplished the job for some $35,000. Propose this idea to your local Oregon school district; if you get the same “no funds” answer, point them in the direction of The Peace Garden State.