Jeff Merkley has a hard time with the truth

[Press Release from Oregonians for Employee Freedom]
Jeff Merkley has a hard time with the truth.
– Tracker Lie
– Issue Ads Criticism
– Campaign Contributions
– Crime Fighting Follies
– Employee Privacy

In a classic case of “Do as I say and not as I do”, Jeff Merkley’s campaign was busted for having a tracker lie about who they were during the Primary race with Steve Novick. ( Ironic, since the Merkley campaign had taken the NRSC to task for doing the same thing to them just prior to that.

Recently, he has been blasted by Oregon newspapers for what his campaign calls “issue ads” here in Oregon but which are nothing more than a blatant disregard for FEC rules and regulations with regard to accepting campaign limits. (

We shouldn’t be surprised that Merkley doesn’t care about the rules though, after all, during this year’s special session, even though lawmakers are prohibited from accepting campaign contributions, Merkley exempted himself and his Senate campaign. (

He has also come under fire for claiming to be a crime victims’ advocate. Sorry Mr. Merkley, you’ve been called out”¦again. (

Finally, there is the video below. At the Farmer’s Market in Milwaukie, “Death” showed up to let everyone know that Jeff Merkley is killing democracy with his support and pledge to pass the deceptively named “Employee Free Choice Act”. The EFCA is of course, the legislation that big labor unions and their union bosses are pushing that will take away the right to a private ballot for workers in the workplace with regard to unionization. Unions love this because it means that workers will be open to threats, coercion and intimidation even in their homes as union organizers visit them to try and “persuade” them to sign up.

Politicians like Jeff Merkley support this legislation because the union bosses who take money away from hard working Oregonians and Americans in the form of dues, pay back Mr. Merkley in the form of huge campaign contributions.

What does Mr. Merkley do? In one clip, he asks “Death” if he is Gordon Smith. “Death” says no. In another clip, as Mr. Merkley continues to talk to people in the marketplace, he starts to point to “Death” and tells people that “Death” is with Gordon Smith’s campaign and that’s what he stands for.

Wrong again.

Sadly, like in many other cases, Mr. Merkley refuses to check facts, become informed or ask questions before making assumptions.

It seems that what we as voters in Oregon can expect from Jeff Merkley is more of the same behavior. Say anything, do anything, kill democracy if need be but just get elected. We don’t need that kind of politician representing us in the U.S. Senate, now or ever.

### – Oregonians for Employee Freedom