Whine and Complain or ACT NOW?

I am issuing a challenge to all environmentalists and global warming adherents. NOW you have the chance to actually DO SOMETHING specific and concrete to help save the planet. How many of you will step up to the plate? I consider this a fine experiment to see just how serious you are. The property below is mine and I am offering to save it from development for less than it is worth just to see if the save the earth types are serious or if they just want someone else to do all the heavy lifting. This property is smack dab in the middle of a gated community, so it is highly likely it will be developed if no one steps forward to lease it. The cost is less than a latte a week and I only need 12 people to secure the lot for a year, as one lease has already been sold. How about it?

Saving Mother Earth was never easier or more meaningful. ForestLease offers consumers the ability to preserve a piece of existing forest land, thereby preventing it from being clear-cut or otherwise developed. Preserving our forest land through ForestLease allows you to know with certainty that a piece of land is being held in your name, and that all carbon footprint offsetting benefits from that property belong to you for the life of the lease!

Preserve your 1,000 square feet of forest for only $200 per year…one-fifth the industry average. ForestLease offers a one-year preservation agreement on existing forest lands. This agreement gives you a guarantee that your piece of property will not be cleared, developed, or otherwise have its carbon offsetting properties reduced. The actual forested property is pictured above and on the site pages at ForestLease.com . We pay not only for the land, but all taxes and necessary maintenance as well. Your lease will help keep this land in its pristine state.

Our prime, forested land is located near the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains in central Arkansas. Your lease begins immediately and lasts for one full calendar year. A Certificate of Participation, photos, and GPS coordinates of your leased land are provided within 15 business days. If you truly want to make a difference in the fight to save our environment, then purchase an affordable lease today for a better tomorrow. Our Forest Leases can be ideal gifts, business carbon offsets, and prized personal possessions.

To ensure quality transactions and to ensure that we never sell more land than we own, we only sell our forest leases on a one-on-one basis. Please contact us now if you are interested in owning a 1,000 square foot forest lease. We have a very limited number of 1,000 sq. ft. ForestLease pieces remaining.

For more information or to purchase a lease, visit www.forestlease.com today.

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  • eagle eye

    Uh, Jerry, there are realtors in Arkansas who will help you run your land business.

  • dean

    Yes Jerry….sure. Wink wink. Ha ha.

  • Nancy W.

    Wow! Our family tree farm’s profit potential has just increased tremendously. Let’s see the 10 acres of 2 year old douglas fir that won’t be ready to harvest for at least 40 years divided into 1,000 square foot parcels at $200 annually equals….OMG! I’m a gazillionaire.
    Is this really legal? I guess so.
    Like my husband loves to say, “If it doesn’t make sense, it makes dollars.”

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Satire? Not Satire?

    Who knows?

    Hard to tell these days when it bears such a strong resemblance to what Al Gore is doing buying carbon offsets from himself.

  • Jerry

    Exactly. Where are the AlGores of this world. This is cheap compared to what they say it will cost us all if we destroy the earth.
    I did not expect anyone to do this. All talk, no action from the wacko left-wing “environmentalists”.

    • dean

      Jerry, you flatter yourself if you think very many, if any “wacko left-wing environmentalists” read your posts in the first place. So how would you expect them to respond to what they don’t read. And if they did, why would they send you their money after you insult and belittle them?

      Anyway, a whole lot of conservationists put their money into organizations that actually conserve things long term, not 1 year at a time. Pacific Forest Trust, Nature Conservancy, Conservancy International, and many many other organizations conserve habitat with private donations. Get in line with your little patch, and try using something other than extortion as a lure next time.

      • Jerry

        OK – I will put the property up for sale, clear cut it, develop it, and then with the profit I can send some money to the Nature Conservancy because they will know best how to save the earth.

        Dean – I would say the same number of people read my articles as read your responses, so in that respect, you have just dissed your own self. But, you do that a lot…anyway, I have always said that writing is not really action.

        At least I own a lot I am not developing, so the many, many trees I own and am not cutting down are helping – certainly moreso that what many “huggers” are doing or not doing.

        Thanks for reading! You are the greatest for getting me going on my little patch.
        How many acres have you dedicated to saving the planet?? Just wondered. I hope a lot.

        • eagle eye

          Jerry, I own about 40 acres of wooded property not so far from where your is. I have no plans to clear it and I’m trying to lease it out per your scheme.

          If you really want to preserve this lot in your gated community, I suggest you try to get the other property owners to buy it as open space or parkland.

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