Candidate Lindland calls for offshore drilling

[Matt Lindland Press Release] July 29, 2008 –

Matt Lindland calls on Oregon Legislature, Governor to proceed with off-shore drilling
Help Oregon’s sagging economy and provide gas price relief

Eagle Creek–Today Matt Lindland, business owner and Olympic silver medalist, joins Oregon Senator Whitsett in calling for an end to the moratorium on off-shore exploration for oil and natural gas resources. Lindland won a convincing primary battle for House Dist. 52.

“Democrats believe that limiting Oregon’s choices, reducing supply, and pointing fingers is an energy policy. Republicans believe that increasing the supply of energy sources Oregonians need is the only real path to progress.” Lindland said.

District 52 encompasses Sandy, Hood River and Cascade Locks and are heavily reliant upon tourism and trade traffic. Out-of-control fuel prices are putting a damper on the district’s economic environment.

Lindland believes it makes sense to take advantage of new, environmentally sensitive technologies for oil and natural gas exploration. An immediate lifting of the state moratorium on off-shore drilling will:

“¢ Send a message to energy speculators that our state will be a player in helping meet the increasing national and world demand for oil and natural gas.
“¢ Provide near and long-term solutions to the energy needs of Oregonians.
“¢ Create new high paying jobs.
“¢ Create a new tax revenue streams for the State of Oregon.

Democrats have ignored the key cause of rising gas prices: lack of supply. Their only answer has been to increase regulation and make the exploration and delivery of vital energy resources more expensive.

Lindland said further, “We cannot afford to sit back and do nothing. Oregon has the opportunity to lead the way to a lower cost energy future. Drilling offshore will bring a multitude of long term benefits for our state. Democrats have said time and again that offshore drilling won’t bring prices down — but after President Bush merely mentioned lifting the off-shore drilling ban, oil prices dropped by $20 per barrel.”

Lindland believes that it is important to continue developing alternative sources of energy, but the relief they provide are still way out in the future. Alternative energy will someday be a viable source, but the specter of $5 per gallon gasoline demands action now.