Oregon Schools Must Go Digital Part II

For all the naysayers who chimed in on my call for growing the Connections Academy on-line enrollment statewide to save energy and money, these facts might be of interest:

1. Twenty-six states now have statewide virtual schools.

2. Total enrollment nationwide in state-accredited on-line classes is over one million students.

3. One on-line school in Florida has over 54,000 students enrolled.

4. The on-line market for teaching school-age children is currently 300 million dollars a year and it is growing at a rate of 30% per year.

5. If current trends hold, over half of all high school classes will be conducted on-line by the year 2019.

  • Bob Clark

    It is good see alternative forums for education besides the monolithic, one size fits all, public school system. I also see the competition as potentially lessening the grip of government employee unions over state and local government by checking the size of the public school system.

  • Anonymous

    Oh please that’s way too progressive for progressives to accept.

  • Joanne Rigutto

    That’s great. I believe that choice is a good thing and that parents should have choices for the education of their children, especially in primary and secondary school (gradeschool and highschool when I was in the system).

    I applaud those parents who are involved in their children(s) education be they using the public school system, a private school system, traditional home schooling or a system like Connections Accademy.

    I just didn’t think that trying to get all kids in Oregon into this type of system was realistic or a good thing.

    Good on ya, Jerry, for getting the word out.

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