Senator Floyd Prosanksi proposes mandatory bike helmets

Oregon State Senator and bike advocate Floyd Prosanski proposed mandatory bicycle helmets for all-ages. What came as a surprise was the fact that Senator Prosanski is probably the most civil libertarian member in the Legislature. Bicycle activist rebuffed the idea saying that the hassle would result in people using bikes less. Hmmm, let’s apply this theory to other regulations and taxes.

  • Crawdude

    Every cyclist should have to wear a helmet, its just common sense.

  • Steve Plunk

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. I’ve been a cyclist for more than 25 years and logged in excess of 40,000 miles so I’ve experienced most all there is to experience in cycling. I don’t believe in nonsense like Critical Mass but do believe in a riders right to be safe. I wear a helmet all the time but agree with the activists that a helmet law will discourage people from riding.

    Why would this legislator feel it is his duty to tell others what to do? If he wants to save lives he could try and mandate helmets for all auto drivers and probably save more. I expect he sees success through a liberal, nanny state, Dem controlled legislature and can’t pass up the opportunity to put a notch in his legislative gun belt. Sometimes they want to get something passed just to say they did.

    Jason is right, less regulation is needed, not more. That applies to all aspects of Oregonians lives and businesses. If a legislator wants to make name for himself then start repealing laws not passing new ones.

    • dian

      I agree helmets should not be required although they are good.

      Seat belts shouldnt be required either, even though they are good.

      I hate being told to wear my seatbelt, it is uncomfortable, binding and one size does not fit all. But then again we have to use them and I haven’t seen many people stop driving because of it.
      What’s good for the goose ought to be good for the gander

      • Steve Plunk

        dian, I understand your point but where will it end? Would you back a plan to require motorists to wear DOT approved helmets if studies show it saves lives? Eventually we reach point where we must stop and believe that point has been reached.

        The dangers inherent in driving a motor vehicle versus the dangers of riding a bicycle at 10 mph on a bike path are very different. Riders like myself who mix it up with cars have no problem wearing a helmet. Kids already are required to wear helmets but enforcement is non-existent.

        The representative’s solution is not only a hammer looking for a nail but it’s too big a hammer with too broad a scope. There are better ways to expend legislative time and energy.

        • dian

          I totally agree with you. It’s past time we are alowed to take care of ourselves. We don’t need all those laws and if we have any intelligence at all we’ll do the right thing. I think bike riders should wear a helmet because it’s a good idea not the law. I know two girls who were injured seriously from head injuries. Had they had helmets maybe they wouldn’t have been. But that aside legislating our every move isn’t the answer. It could go on forever and still not keep us al safe. We have to have wisdom enough to make the best decisions. I really don’t think I reached 65 by being stupid and I know I didn’t get here because the government took care of me.

  • RinoWatch

    Floyd the Red should mind his own Damned business….

    • Sid Leiken

      I guess I hadn’t realized that everyone wearing a helmut while riding a bike was one of the real hot buttons on people’s minds? Afterall, Hynix just announced they are closing the doors and laying off over 1100 employees with an annual payroll of $62 million in his home town. Maybe working with the city of Eugene on bringing another major employer to that sight might be a little bit more important than expanding a law that is rarely enforced. If memory serves me, the fine for not wearing a helmut for someone under the age of 16 is $25.

      I could be wrong though.

  • Jason W.

    The bikers may have an ally with the motorcycle folks on this one.

  • cc

    “Floyd the Red should mind his own Damned business….”

    I thought his nickname was “Pink Floyd”.

  • Bob Clark

    Why stop with a helmet? If struck by a vehicle or other object, the bicyclist’s entire body is exposed to trauma and the risk of death still exists even with helmet. So, I would also advocate a cacoon made of metal or other reinforcement, enclosing the entire human being, something maybe like an….automobile.

    • Anonymous

      Some time ago there was a cartoon of a bicycle as designed by OSHA. There have been numerous iterations since, here is one.

    • Steve Buckstein

      Excellent point, Bob. I’m against a helmet mandate, but if it’s in the cards, let’s go all the way and require “something like an automobile” surround the rider. After all, government can’t let us be just partially safe out there.

  • Anonymous

    maybe what we really need is a body armor law for cyclists…

  • Terry Parker

    What needs to be mandatory is an adult bicycle tax, bicycle license and registration fees to pay for bicycle infrastructure instead of poaching the dollars from highway funds and expecting motorists to be cash cows for alternative forms of transport.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Bike riding has somehow been transformed into this heroic Mother Teresa act of saving the planet, that requires everyone who drives a car to subsidize the endevour. I think we should at least be allowed to not be burdened by the medical bills while the beatification of these noble two wheeled crusaders for planet earth is under consideration. It would seem to me that if the reasoning for requiring helmets for children and motorcycle riders is there, it is hard to find how listening to NPR or global planet wide sanctimony immunes these folks from the same head trauma that seems to be a risk for those less holy. I submit that until full crash test evaluation of the self adorned halo these noble fighters for earth wear is evaluated, we should protect them to the fullest and require helmets. If its good enough for a teenager or a Hells Angel, then by God it should be good enough for these valiant knights for Gaia!

    If it saves just one Bicycle Storm Trooper’s life, then by God it’s worth it. Let them ride forth in safety, and even greater sanctimony, for from the passage of this law forward, they shall be thus more adorned, for now they are not only saving the planet, not only saving road congestion, not only fighting terrorism and indeed fighting for all that is right and beautiful and good through the mere act of riding a bike, yea, they will now thenceforward be doing so without burdening the health care system with their head trauma injuries. Who among us can be against this? Can there be a soul alive that would not argue that these, the most sacred among us by virtue of their transportation choice, are not deserving of societies utmost attempts to preserve and protect their safety? I say NAY brothers. For surely we protect them, and save the earth. And equally sure we let them perish or suffer impact trauma to their noggin at our peril. Is anyone not to be dammed, his very own soul falling into the fiery pits of hell tortured for all eternity for not protecting these two wheeled non motor propelled angels sent from God himself? For if it is true that he who rides a bike deserves to be subsidized for his valiance, then surely he deserves to be protected!

  • Jonathan

    Emphatically no, NO helmet law. How bout raising the standards for driving, or if there needs to be a bicycle helmet law, who will protect pedestrians!

  • dean

    A qualified yes from an avid cyclist who listens to NPR, whatever that means Rupert).

    Bicycling has clearly transitioned from a recreational pursuit to a regular part of our transportation, particularly in places like Eugene and Portland. Cyclists are out on the streets in numbers, and their heads are no harder than motorcyclists heads. Helmets should be required for the exact same reason we require seatbelts and airbags in cars, and helmets on motorcyclists. Helmets save lives and they save taxpayer money in aftercare.

    *Either* repeal the requirements for car and motorcycles drivers, *or* add bicyclists to the list (that is the “qualified” part).

    • Crawdude

      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…7 years bad luck for me:(

      I actually have to agree with Dean….

      • dean

        I’ve also come to believe bikes (other than kid size) should be licensed and registered upon purchase as well. If cyclists are serious about bikes as an alternative form of transport then we have to step up and start treating bicycles at least somewhat like other vehicles. In the long run I think this will help build riding and increase safety.

        But don’t add another 7 years CD!

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >If cyclists are serious about bikes as an alternative form of transport then we have to step up and start treating bicycles at least somewhat like other vehicles.

          Oh my God, you are kidding me?

          It is a sunny day after all. I cant believe it, Dean, my God man, you have actually veered into the truth. I agree with everything you said.

          Hearken – Is that Strauss I hear in the background?

          Also Sprach Zarathustra?

          Open pod bay doors HAL…….The Star Child will appear post haste!

          Mein Furher! ……I Can Walk!!!!!!!

          • dean

            Rupert…not to burst your bubble here, but just because you agree with me this one time does not make us both right. We could both be wrong. Consider that before you pop a cork.

            As for me, I’m going for a bike ride with my helmet on my head.

  • Jerry

    The mandatory helmets should have full face shields, or else I say the law would not be going far enough.
    Also, gloves should most certainly be mandatory as well.
    And shoes with heavy soles and steel toes.
    And water should be available to every rider at all times.
    And a light snack.
    Without too much salt or sugar.
    And leather pants.
    Now we’re talking!

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