Terrorism: Trial by Jury, but guess who might get hung?

The First war crimes trial since WW2 is now officially under way in GITMO. On trial is Osama bin Ladins driver Salim Ahmed Hamdan of Yemen, who admits to being Osamas driver but insists he was just a happy go lucky guy who really had no part of Al Quaeda and was just in it for the $200 a month salary. Prosecutors maintain he was on his way to a battle zone with two surface to air missiles in his car when they caught him.

Ok, that’s the set up. The question of guilt or innocence is not really what I am concerned with here. For one, I think it is simply ludicrous to think OBL is having some guy as his driver who hasn’t passed some sort of loyalty test. I have a hunch this sort of test isn’t exactly the same as the SAT. Who knows though, maybe with Al Quaeda you simple show a drivers license, pass a urine test and off you go with Osama gallivanting around the dessert.

No, what really concerns me is the political implications. God knows those concerned with terrorist rights rather than property or second amendment rights have been hemming and hawing that these guys get their day in court. Well, that day has arrived. Some evidence has already been dismissed, such as a bunch of statements this guy made to interrogators before he landed in GITMO.

Now, here is the punch line, these are military trials. I’m no lawyer, but I have a hunch these trials are going to be a little quicker, with a lot less appeals than a conventional trial. That means there is a distinct possibility several of these could be winding up pretty soon. How soon? Well, how does right around October or November sound to you? It seems a possibility doesn’t it? Does that give one pause? Well, it sure does me. What if a few of these guys get off because of what the public might view as a technicality? What would the headlines read?

Zarqawi – 9/11 Mastermind Free Due to Inadmissible Waterboarding Evidence.

Key Terror Figures Acquitted – After being Caught on Battlefield Twice! – Severe Air Conditioning During Questioning Blamed for Dismissal of Key Evidence.

I wonder how the American public would react? I personally imagine it would be just about the same as they reacted when it was found Muhammed Atta and other members of the 9/11 flight crew had their visas renewed a few months after their death.
Would this affect the election? If so I think I can safely say it would be a case of irony unparalleled in my lifetime.