Rep. Jeff Kropf Song: Bye Bye Rainy Day Pie!

In case you missed it during last week’s Special Session. Rep. Jeff Kropf did a perfect paraody of the famous “American Pie” song and sang it on the House floor. Kropf tied the song to the vote on taking new lottery funds destined for a reserve fund and instead spending them now. The song is below,

Bye Bye Rainey Day Pie
Words by Jeff Kropf,
Sung to the tune of American Pie, 4/20/06

Same old story, different day
For eight years now, I’ve heard you say.
Schools are broke, can’t save a dime.
It’s the day common sense died.

And they were singing, bye, bye my rainy day pie,
Drove my school kids in their buses to the special session fry
And them good ole lobbyists are toasting champagne and wine
Sayin’ “Today we killed the rainy day pie”
“Spend it all no rainy day pie”

So come on we could have saved it in a rainy day fund
To help our schools when recession comes
You won’t look on down the road
It’s the day, common sense died.


An the three things I hold dear the most
My principles, passion and common sense,
They just took the last train to Portland coast
It’s the day common sense died.