Lars Larson on Cell Phone Contracts

How can you call it a contract and then not honor it.

People sign those cell phone contracts because they get an inexpensive phone and of course the cost of the phone is spread out over a couple of years. But, now a judge in California has thrown a monkey wrench into the arrangement.

The judge says it is illegal in California for now, but this could spread across the country. It’s illegal to lock a customer down for one year or two years in a cell phone contract.

I see a problem with that. I kind of like the low price of two years and if I want to go month-to-month I can do that. There are companies that offer that. But, to walk in and say, “There is no contract here”. You’ve signed on the dotted line. You got the cheap phone. You got the low rate. But, now that you’ve been in it for about a year or maybe six months you’ve decided that you don’t want to be bound by it anymore. And a judge says you can simply walk out of the agreement.

That’s not an American way of doing business.

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