New Gordon SMith Ad: $34 million capitol makeover

Here is the new ad…

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  • Alan

    Did the legislators pay a good rate for any major item?

  • GoodBedFred

    Is anyone going to look up how much Gordo spent remodeling/refurbishing the Senate Presidents office when he was Senate President? This is really the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Anon

    Anyone who’s been to Gordo’s office in DC knows it’s a LOT nicer and more expensive than Merkley’s office.

  • Gienie

    When are we going to get candidates that actually offer substance in their commercials? There are so many other things that we can be pointing out that really do matter to voters and their futures.

    Candidates desperately need to get communication right… and unless they are making a real case regarding an issue that truly effects voters, its pointless to try and reach them at all!

    Most voters aren’t even educated on critical issues which effect them directly. Its about time the candidates start painting the real/unhidden agenda picture in plain terms and call voters to action.

    There is a commercial I saw recently that does exactly what it should. It is not put on by a specific candidate but it inforces a substance issue (Re. Unions and maintaining privacy when votes are cast) and askes the voter to call the candidate who supports unions and question them about the issue directly.

    I wish we could see more of that then the fluff that really doesn’t matter.

    • Tim Lyman

      Substance doesn’t matter. Elections are not decided by reasoned, reasoning people or people with strong core (left or right) values. They are decided by the idiotic 5-10% of the electorate who make up their mind the day before the election based on which candidate’s most recent commercial had the most emotional appeal. If Smith’s commercials look like they are designed to appeal to idiots – well, they probably are.

      • Gienie

        I resent your comment Mr. Lyman. I happen to be an elector for the Republican Party for the State of Oregon and have researched the candidates very much so.

        • dean

          Gienie, I don’t think Tim’s comment was directed your way. He is right that most elections are fought over a narrow population segment. I don’t agree with him that they are necessarily uninformed and easily swayed by non substantive messages however. Most “undecided” voters have mixed politics. They are conservative on some issues and liberal on others, so tend to weigh the candidates for personal qualities more than down the line ideological voters do. This is probably why McCain is running ads that go after Obama as a person rather than on policies, and why Smith is doing the same with Merkley.

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