Stem Cell challenge made to House Democrats

[Oregon Right to Life Release]

Salem, OR – 8/5/08 – House Majority Leader Dave Hunt has recently stated that under his leadership the 2009 Oregon House of Representatives will aggressively revisit their support of taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research.

In 2007, taxpayer funding measure HB 2801 was defeated. HB 2801 would have established a committee to oversee and issue taxpayer supported research grants to pursue stem cell research.

Gayle Atteberry, Executive Director of Oregon Right to Life said, “It’s a shame that in the midst of a struggling economy, and when families have to tighten their budgets, the House Democrats want to fund research that’s only proven results are false promises.”

Atteberry continued, “Embryonic stem cell research is laden with scientific, ethical and moral concerns and in over 20 years has failed to produce a single human medical trial. However, adult stem cell research, which is being ignored by Hunt and others, has a history of not just clinical trials but proven treatments.”

Lois Anderson, Political Director for Oregon Right to Life says, “The Democratic leader’s fascination with embryonic stem cell research is completely politically driven. But voters are tired of politicians spending money on project they think will make them popular.”

To harvest embryonic stem cells, researchers are required to destroy a maturing human embryo. Adult stem cells can be harvested from multiple places in a post-neonate body as well as from umbilical cord blood; the donor is not harmed or killed in the process.

According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health there are currently 2102 U.S. clinical trials on adult stem cell treatments. There’s not a single embryonic stem cell treatment undergoing clinic trial.

“Many politicians have said they support embryonic stem cell research because they want to “˜help people’. If they really want to help people they will stop wasting people’s tax dollars on failed research. If they really want to help people they will start supporting the research that’s currently curing people. That research is adult stem cell research” said Gayle Atteberry

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  • Gullyborg

    I’m sorry, I am a pro-life conservative, but I have bigger issues to think about in this election than stem cell research.

    Oregon has one of the worst unemployment rates and one of the highest net taxation rates in the nation.

    What did Oregon Republicans do before 2006 to change that?

    Oregon is home to one of the greatest renewable resources on Earth – our vast forests that, with sensible management, can produce jobs and wealth to keep Oregon’s economy strong for centuries to come.

    What did Oregon Republicans do before 2006 to help the timber industry?

    Oregon is a sanctuary state where illegal aliens come to get free handouts, free medical, identity and jobs handed to them on silver platters.

    What did Oregon Republicans do before 2006 to help enforce our nation’s immigration laws and protect Oregon workers from unfair competition?

    NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING, which is why in 2006 Oregon Republicans lost control of the House, lost more seats in the Senate and failed AGAIN to win the Governor’s race.

    There are SO many things we should be doing at the state level (don’t even get me started on national politics), but instead we see our “conservatives” making issues of stem cell research.


    The sad reality is that Oregon is pretty much a pro-abortion state. Oregonians overwhelmingly approve measures to kill babies (and adults) and overwhelmingly reject measures to limit abortions.

    “LIFE” is not a winning issue here, people!

    Now, I am not saying we should give up our belief in the sanctity of human life. On the contrary. We should always hold true to our principles. But we need to shift our priorities and FOCUS on the things we have the most power to change.

    “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    Here is some wisdom for you: with courage, we can change Oregon’s economy. Now have the serenity to accept that for now – we can work on life and other spiritual and moral issues later, once we have earned the people’s trust by actually doing something positive with the things we can fix right now.

    • breath in, breath out

      People are clearly mad at the lack of leadership from Republican legislators. That’s okay, in many cases there’s reason to be. However, connecting Oregon Right to Life speaking out against embryonic stem cell research and Republican’s failure to lead on immigration, unemployment, etc. is just ridiculous.

      Right to Life is a pro-life group. Their mission isn’t any of the issues previously complained about. In addition, this release is from Right to Life, not any candidate. I think both Right to Life and pro-life candidates would be happy to leave stem cells alone but it’s the Ds who are picking this fight. As fiscal conservatives I would think the Ds desire to spend your tax dollars on failed research would bother you. Just add it to the laundry list of politically driven, wasteful, government expenditures.

      Sure, stem cell research doesn’t rank as high on most voter’s priority lists as other issues but that’s not the point. It’s Right to Life’s job to point out these issues. Plus, if you think life issues are to blame for Republicans losing, your heads in the sand.

    • Anonymous

      I wanted to respond to Gullyborg’s earlier comment. I agree with you that the economy in Oregon is in serious trouble and that the Legislature has many serious and pressing issues facing it. You are also correct that pro-lifers face a very uphill battle in Oregon.
      However, in regards to the Stem Cell issue, Right to Life and pro-lifers in general are not to blame here. The Democrats are the ones who won’t let this go. The Democrats are the ones who want to spend your taxpayer dollars on failed research when they should be trying to fix the economy. They brought the issue to the forefront, not pro-lifers.
      Just because the life issue is tough in Oregon that doesn’t mean we stop trying. We don’t have to focus on this issue and forget everything else. But on the other hand we cannot afford to give up.
      Let’s remember who the real problem is here: the Democrats.

  • Joey Link

    Excellent post Gullyborg.

  • Anon

    Well said, Gully.

    One more example why the Democrats will pick up even more seats this year.

  • Kathryn Hickok

    I agree that Oregon is facing difficult times economically; and elected officials fail on many fronts with regard to jobs, taxation, regulation, government spending and other areas in which they should promote the good of Oregonians and could have the courage to make a difference on issues that would affect all of us.

    It’s also true that Oregon is a tough state with regard to the life issues.

    But in practice, keeping our pro-life principles requires us to keep insisting on respect for the human person, even when we may not appear to be succeeding. We shouldn’t focus only on the life issues, to the neglect of everything else; but neither should we give up the life issues to focus only on fiscal issues.

    Here are a few reasons why embryonic stem cell research is a major issue for many pro-life voters:

    Embryonic stem cell research is among the fruits of the philosophy that one human person may be destroyed for the so-called “benefit” of another. It opens the door to disrespect for and destruction of human persons at every stage of life.

    The contemporary battle for human dignity is being waged worldwide in the realm of bioethics. Human cloning, “fetal farming,” “savior siblings” and other violations of human rights and dignity are realities being faced and fought today in federal and state governments and abroad. We need courageous elected officials to take a stand on these issues and related legislation.

    I thank our candidates and elected representatives at the state and the federal level who actively defend human life from conception until natural death, especially in the state of Oregon, where it takes particular courage and the political stakes are high.

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