Atkinson resting comfortably after surgery

Press release from Senator Jason Atkinson:

Senator Jason Atkinson is recovering at Medford Providence Medical Center after undergoing surgery Monday to set a broken femur bone in his right leg. Atkinson was accidentally shot in the right leg last week while fixing a friend’s bicycle.

“Jason is doing well, excited to be over this hurdle and on the road to getting healthy again,” said Stephanie Atkinson. “The skill and care of the doctors, nurses and support staff here has given my family and I great confidence and peace of mind.”

Stephanie, Jason’s wife, constructed a tourniquet from a rubber bicycle tube to stem the flow of blood coming from a severed artery in the leg immediately after the accident. Atkinson credits the doctor’s skill and his wife’s quick action at the scene with saving his life. Monday’s surgery placed two metal plates in Atkinson’s right light to brace the femur while it heals.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us with your thoughts and prayers, and to the medical staff for their expertise and team approach,” said Stephanie. “We have felt your care and concern, and it has helped Jason maintain his sense of humor and positive perspective through everything.”

Atkinson will remain in the hospital until released by doctors.