Obama – Inflate Our Way Out of the Energy Crisis

Obama recently cited tire inflation as a major factor in fuel efficiency and encouraged eveyone to make sure their tires were inflated to the maximum to help save gasoline. Only months ago I suggested the same thing right here on Oregon Catalyst and was vilified for doing so.

Where is the outrage now that Obama has suggested the exact same thing? Did Obama steal my idea? Will all of us checking our tires really help save gas? Will people unknowingly overinflate their tires as a result of Obama’s suggestion? Will this lead to blowouts on the highway? Will people die trying to save $1.00 per tankful of fuel?

Will tires wear out faster if overinflated? What are tires made from? Petroleum, right? Will overinflating our tires then result in more oil consumption? Will drivers skid more on slick, wet surfaces due to the high inflation of their tires? Will this cause more accidents? Will we save oil because people will have wrecks and not be able to drive their cars?

How much oil is being wasted now due to tire underinflation? Are people so stupid they never knew prior to high gas prices that they should check their tires? Will people leave their cars running while they add air to their tires, thus wasting precious gasoline?

How do you add air to your tires? With a hand pump? No, you use a compressor, which runs on electricity, which in our country means oil or coal was used to provide that power. Do we contribute more to global warming by running thousands upon thousands of compressors all over the country while concerned citizens check their tire pressure?

Just how smart is Obama? He may be the smartest human being on the planet. This kind of valuable, original advice is just what this country needs to snap out of our energy crisis. Thanks Barry! You’ve sure got my vote. Pump me up!