Lars Larson: Drill Wyden for Gas

Well, you’ve got to love that tag team of Oregon elected officials working to keep you in the cold, in the dark and without transportation.

Senator Ron Wyden has jumped into the ring to demand that the new Liquid Natural Gas importation facility be blocked. Remember that’s the fuel that heats 1/3 of Oregon homes and makes 1/3 our electric power. Wyden wants the federal government to let the state decide.

Sleepy Ted Kulongoski doesn’t want the plant even though natural gas prices have tripled in the last five years and face another big increase this fall. The LNG plan would bring in gas at less than half the current market cost.

You can’t have that! Kulongoski opposes drilling for oil, just like Senator Zig Zag Obama did until last week when he developed his new “tire pressure as a replacement for drilling” plan.

Inflating tires is a good idea. I check mine regularly and so do most Americans. But, that’s why the most optimistic projections say checking your pressure will save only about 90,000 barrels of oil a day.

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