List of November Ballot measures

Measure 54
Elections Standardizes voting eligibility for school board elections with other state and local elections

Measure 55 Legislatures Change operative date of redistricting plans to allow affected legislators to finish term in original district

Measure 56
May And November property tax elections are to be decided by majority of voters voting in the relevant election

[MORE BELOW]Measure 57
Increases sentences for drug trafficking, theft against elderly, and specific repeat property and identity theft crimes, more.

Measure 58
Education Requires english immersion for non-english speaking students

Measure 59
Tax reform Makes federal income taxes fully deductible on state return

Measure 60
Education “Teacher compensation must be based on classroom performance”

Measure 61
“Mandatory sentences for drug dealers, identity thieves, burglars and car thieves”

Measure 62
State budget “15% of lottery profits for crime prevention, investigation and prosecution”

Measure 63
Property Rights Allows minor improvements To property without building permit

Measure 64
Campaign Finance Reform Prohibits using taxpayer-funded resources to collect political funds

Measure 65
Conduct of elections The “top-two” measure; creates open primaries

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  • Rick Hickey

    Re: #58-Immersion.

    Oregon Law funds ESL at an extra 50% p/yr. with NO time limits.
    There is no incentive (‘cept NCLB & OR is failing on that) to put an ESL Student in a regular classroom as the District loses that extra money. (Fed’s kick in another 25% of our money for “Free” B-fast & Lunch)

    With over 62,000 ESL Students (a 250% increase) @ $2,750 ea. extra = $170.5 Million/yr. for an 80% Failure rate program. Yes 8 of 10 Not proficient after 5 yr.s in Bilingual programs, as proven by NCLB reports and a 3 yr. study in S/K via a Dr. Hargett.

    I have years of research of Facts on this and CA AZ & MA have gone to immersion in English only and are getting much better results than Bilingual and saving Millions in Taxpayer funding that can be re-directed fo other items needed in School. CA is dealing with over 1.2 Million ESL Students p/yr., they should know what works.

    This Sept. 21-25, in W. Salem, there will be a Statewide Panel hearing from Pro & Con on this. If you are an Immigrant, Teacher, Friends are immigrants & have Children, etc. and support Immersion, please attend this meeting and speak out for this. Call me to get on the list 503-569-4960, Rick Hickey or Contact Rep. Kim Thatcher’s office.

    #1 reason for failing NCLB = Bilingual programs!
    Hope? California opponents outspent pros 20 to 1 and it still passed.

    For the Future of Oregon & America – English for the Children.

  • Joey Link

    Wow, lots of great measures this year.

  • crawdude

    Vote NO on all the measures submitted by the Oregon legislature!

  • Marge

    Rick Hicky is correct.

    What is worse is that Woodburn School District is proud that they can graduate a Spanish speaking student without ever taking a class in English. That is right, a Spanish speaking (US citizen) WHS student can learn Math in Spanish, US History in Spanish, Reading in Spanish, Electives in Spanish, everything in Spanish.

    And they get a High School diploma from Woodburn.

    And what kinda job would this US Citizen, High School graduate from Woodburn high School be eligible for?

    What job?, well, certainly a busboy in the back of a restaurant, same as the Spanish speaking illegal alien.

    That is a shame. Our US Citizen Spanish speaking high school students deserve better than that. Immersion is the only way for them to succeed in America.

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