List of November Ballot measures

Measure 54
Elections Standardizes voting eligibility for school board elections with other state and local elections

Measure 55 Legislatures Change operative date of redistricting plans to allow affected legislators to finish term in original district

Measure 56
May And November property tax elections are to be decided by majority of voters voting in the relevant election

[MORE BELOW]Measure 57
Increases sentences for drug trafficking, theft against elderly, and specific repeat property and identity theft crimes, more.

Measure 58
Education Requires english immersion for non-english speaking students

Measure 59
Tax reform Makes federal income taxes fully deductible on state return

Measure 60
Education “Teacher compensation must be based on classroom performance”

Measure 61
“Mandatory sentences for drug dealers, identity thieves, burglars and car thieves”

Measure 62
State budget “15% of lottery profits for crime prevention, investigation and prosecution”

Measure 63
Property Rights Allows minor improvements To property without building permit

Measure 64
Campaign Finance Reform Prohibits using taxpayer-funded resources to collect political funds

Measure 65
Conduct of elections The “top-two” measure; creates open primaries