Lars Larson…on a cross-dressing kid

Let me tell you a tale about a cross-dressing kid.

A kid goes to school. He undresses unusually. Wears makeup, dresses like a girl. His parents don’t stop it. He doesn’t stop it. He’s fifteen years of age.

And then, one day, a young man in his school, shoots this young man to death. The murderer ought to be punished and the parents are angry because their son has been murdered and that’s wrong.

But now, the parents are taking it out on the school district. They’ve decided to sue the school district saying that if only the school district had controlled what this child wore to school, why, he’d still be alive.

That’s an abdication of the responsibility of parents. Now, because their son was fifteen he probably made a lot of his own decisions about what to wear and how to act and that is his business. But, it is also the business of parents to decide how your child goes out the door dressed for school until he’s 18 years of age and has turned into an adult. And, no lawsuit should be filed against the school district for that.

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