Sign the petition to end Oregon’s death tax

Coalition to End the Oregon Death Tax

We have a great opportunity to take action to eliminate the Oregon estate tax (death tax). Oregon’s estate tax is very harmful to family-owned businesses, farms, and ranches. You can simply link to, where you can read about the issue. From there, just click on a box to download the petition.

This gives you a single-page, single-signature petition which you can sign and place in the mail. All you need is your signature and a stamp.

Please pass on the word to your family and friends who are Oregon voters and encourage them to go to the website to sign the petition and mail it in.

  • HBguy

    Where is the actual text of the proposal? I am interested to know if it gets rid of the step up in tax basis. Unless it does that it will be a way for people to avoid paying any taxes on their property like stocks, real estate, etc. Forever.

    And if it does get rid of the step up, then it will be a tax increase on middle income estates.

    I understand not calling a death a taxable event, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • Laidback

    Deae people don’t need money. The state does. Simple as that.

    • Earfboy

      Dead – sorry for typo. I was too laid back.

  • HBguy

    I just found and read the initiative. It doesn’t mention the step up in tax basis. So I suppose that federal law would still apply. Meaning that this isn’t just a way to defer the appropriate amount of taxes until a later date when a true transaction occurs. It is a huge tax loophole for anyone with over $1 million dollars of assets as it assure that some gain and profit will never be subject to Oregon taxes.

    While I would expect many here to be agreeable to that, the question is, when Oregon relies almost exclusively on income tax, why should all wage income be subject to tax, but not all capital gain? As part of overall tax reform, getting rid of or reducing the estate tax is arguably good policy, but the way we’ve gotten into trouble in Oregon is piece mealing tax policy. 

    A stand alone change in the estate tax is a bad idea, given how Oregon tax is structured right now.