New Smith ad on Iraq

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  • Anonymous

    What a pandering .

  • John in Oregon

    I found the Iraq ads astonishing. Both Senator Smiths and the Dems response.

    The motto for the stock market is buy low, sell high. A lot of people do the opposite, waiting to buy a rising star sock until well after big run up. Then as the stock plateaus or begins to slide they hold thinking it will come back. Only to sell in frustration as the stock bottoms out.

    Senator Smith and Iraq is a lot like that guy in the stock market. Supporting the war and our military men and women during the dark days when the future appeared bleak. Then opposing the war while we began the path to victory.

    The greater shame is that beneath the legacy media headlines in the wider media mime of failure and defeat, the signs and seeds of victory were to be found. The Anbar Awakening, the Sunni rejection of Al Quida blood lust. Those signs were there as the Media headlines of doom propelled the Democrats forward to the November elections.

    Meanwhile, today in victory, the legacy media has moved on, careful to minimize the tectonic shift as the Iraqi people, Sunni, Shiia, and Kurd alike have rejected Al Quida and Mahdi militia blood lust in favor of the rule of law.

    Which is why the Iraq campaign commercials puzzle me.

    Senator Smiths commercial of opposition to Iraq only serves to remind us of his association with the dark days of possible failure and his withdrawal during the path to victory.

    Similarly the Democrat response, the 1518 days when Senator Smith supported our military men and women. Don’t the Democrats realize the media has moved on? That, even under the silent headlines the American people instinctively know Iraq is a victory. The Democrat commercial only serves to highlight there own candidates association with surrender and his separation from victory.

    In this campaign, Senator Smith appears to have adopted the politics of political calculation. While successful for Bill Clinton his finger to the wind, it’s a tactic of dubious value for most Republicans.

    As for me, I want my Senator back. The Senator Smith who based his campaign and politics on the principals and the values Americans hold dear

    • dean

      John…given the costs of this war in blood and treasure, and the still uncertain outcome (A shiite led government likely allied with Iran,) I think it is too early to declare any sort of victory. It is great that the violence has substantially ebbed, and even greater in my view that the Iraqis are now putting US on a timetable to withdraw. But i would keep the cork in the champagne for now, as even GEneral Petraeus suggests in a recent Newsweek interview.

      As for Smith….he is a willow bending with the wind. He takes your vote for granted, and needs to get some independent and liberal votes to hold his seat. Nothing more and nothing less.

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