Knopp and Telfer add endorsements

by NW Spotlight

An update on the Republican primary campaign for State Senate District 27 (Bend)

Bend Bulletin endorses Tim Knopp 

The Bend Bulletin has endorsed former House Majority leader Tim Knopp. Here are some excerpts from their endorsement:

Two of the principal Republicans in Deschutes County — state Rep. Jason Conger, R-Bend, and state Rep. Mike McLane, R-Powell Butte — have bolted to actively support Knopp.

Our endorsement of Knopp, who is the executive vice president of the Central Oregon Builders Association, is also recognition of what we believe he can do. He comes prepared to legislate. He served in the Legislature for three terms and then he said he left to spend more time with his family.

He built a solid record when he was in Salem. He helped lead the effort to get Oregon’s kicker tax rebate in the state constitution. He helped lead the bipartisan reform of the Public Employees Retirement System that will save Oregon billions of dollars. PERS could use more changes or it will continue to bleed money away from the classrooms and other services. Knopp proved he could do it before, and we want to see him try again.

Knopp is pro-life and supported Measure 36, which amended the Oregon constitution to say that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Governor Vic Atiyeh endorses Chris Telfer

Senator Chris Telfer added former Governor Vic Atiyeh to her growing list of endorsements last week. The Republican icon supported Chris in her race for State Treasurer and his support continues, despite a fellow Republican challenger.

For a complete list of Sen. Telfer’s endorsements, click here.

  • Donald D

    Knopp should never have even entered this race.  His quote about wanting to be in leadership immediately shows his true colors – it’s not about representing the constituents or even being a good legislator.  It’s all about Knopp and what he wants.
    I hope the voters in Central Oregon don’t buy into his half-truths and B.S. and re-elect Telfer.

  • Electo

    I find Telfer’s attacks on the timber industry and the GP workers of Oregon to be truly disappointing. 

    • Donald D

       What attacks are you talking about?  I have not seen any attacks in this race except those by Knopp on Telfer.

      • Electo

        Look at her daughter/campaign manager’s facebook page … it’s riddled with them. And I am not talking JUST about the banter between the candidates … Telfer is bashing Georgia Pacific. Disgusting. 

        • Donald D

          Wait, wait….so you’re saying because her DAUGHTER is bashing GP, that means Telfer is bashing GP?!?!?!  Are you serious? 

          Furthermore, I just looked at her page and the campaign page and couldn’t fine ONE reference to GP.  Please cite one reference on TELFER’s page where she bashes GP.

          Otherwise it sure sounds like somebody (Electo) works for Tim Knopp and is really worried all his negative campaigning is backfiring.

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