The Senate Democrat 2009 Agenda

[Senate Majority Office Release]
The Oregon Agenda 2009

Education Excellence for All Oregonians
Last session, Senate Democrats made record investments in schools by lowering K-12 class sizes and expanding opportunities for higher education. In 2009, we will continue our commitment to developing the workforce of the future by:
— Increasing access to our universities, community colleges, and vocational programs by making higher education more affordable “” especially for our returning veterans
— Promoting a strong base of learning for our children by expanding access to Head Start
— Giving teachers the tools to provide a first class education by supporting high quality professional development

Affordable and Accessible Health Care

While the federal government has delayed action on health care reform, Oregon families have been taking the hit here at home. In 2009, we will make health care reform a top priority, with a focus on:
— Expanding access to quality affordable health care for Oregon’s children and vulnerable families
— Working to control health care costs for all Oregonians
— Promoting access to in-home and community-based care for seniors and people with disabilities

Economic Security for Working Families

Creating jobs, stimulating the economy, and protecting Oregonians from unfair business practices are critical to the security of families during tough times. That’s why we plan on:
— Creating more good jobs by investing in the growing industries of the future “” especially in health care to meet the needs of our aging population, and in renewable energy to decrease our dependence on foreign oil
— Keeping commuters and commerce moving by investing in our aging transportation systems
— Fighting for tax fairness by raising the $10 corporate minimum tax so that big corporations pay their fair share
— Protecting Oregonians by strengthening consumer protection laws and enforcement

Strong and Sustainable Oregon Communities

By investing in essential services and supporting healthy and safe communities, we are working to build a better future for Oregonians. In 2009, we will continue these efforts by:
— Cracking down on meth-related crime, keeping state troopers on the road, and improving
substance abuse & prevention programs
— Moving toward long-term solutions for Oregon’s growing affordable housing needs
— Protecting Oregon’s vulnerable children in foster care
— Working with counties to address the loss of federal timber payments
— Addressing climate change, improving energy efficiency & managing our water resources wisely


As Oregonians face challenging times, our top priority as Senate Democrats is looking out for Oregon’s middle class and those working hard to get ahead. We’re advancing an agenda for state government that is fiscally responsible and delivers the greatest value for every dollar spent; is responsive to working families and vulnerable populations trying to make ends meet; and is fully accountable to current and future generations of Oregonians. This agenda centers on the priorities that matter most to Oregon families “” our schools, our health care, our communities, and our jobs.

This is the 2009 Oregon Agenda.