Review of DNC week: What is your opinion?

A lot happened this week: Michelle Obama’s big speech, the return of Ted Kennedy, the Clinton drama, the football arena, Jeff Merkley, are the Dems unified?, the media coverage, and most of all Barack Obama’s speech. Tell your thoughts, and be free to add in McCain’s VP huballooo as well.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Personally I think the Acropolis was not as ridiculous as I thought going in. Generally I find that if someone has convinced themselves that they are the saviour, the Kwisatz Haderach, it is best to let them live it. Mistakes become more notable when made by a messiah. Allowing them to behave as the chosen one makes them a more easily beatable opponent for this reason.

    That said, the culmination of the event, with McCain’s VP choice was really amazing. All told a stunning event. Three days of wasted time with the Clintons, a pretty good Al Gore speech last night, Maud’ Dib ascending the podium and then fabulous ending with the Sarah Palin pick.

    Even if the Republicans had hired Bob Fosse they couldn’t have choreographed the climactic ending any better. I know I, for one, have never felt happier, or more ludicrous, during a Democratic convention. I laughed, I cried, and I laughed again this morning. I rate it two thumbs up!

  • Alan

    Speech rating
    Michelle Obama = lukewarm
    Hillary Clinton = lively, well crafted
    Bill Clinton = always good
    Barack Obama = Stylish, lacked enough substance

  • Erik in NeLB

    Because of my schedule, I am not able to watch all of the coverage of both the DNC & RNC, and If I were to do so I think it would drain the life & spirit out of me. It’s the same lifeless speeches, name calling & ass-kissing as 4 years ago and the 4 years before that, etc..etc. Things are getting worse, none of the candidates are worth the vote, though I’ll probably write in Romney just for the sake of it, and this is probably the last time I cast a vote for an actual candidate.

    Does anyone know how many votes Obama would have gotten for the nomination had Billary not pulled a fast one? It seemed like all the states would have been needed to nominate somebody there. Will the same thing happen next week at the RNC?

  • Bob Clark

    I didn’t watch the DNC. I’ve heard enough from wind bag Joe Biden in the past. But I will probably listen to VP nominee Sarah Palin when she is scheduled to speak at the RNC, because I really don’t know much about her. I don’t think Romney would have been a good selection for McCain for VP, because for what ever reason Romney’s religion did seem to be an issue in the primary. I hope Palin is as good as her first impressions, because it might be enough to get McCain elected pres.

  • dean

    A very long infomercial. A great expense to try and appeal to 51% of the undecided 10%. At times like this, I wish we had a parlimentary system.

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