McCain picks VP: Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin

It is official. John McCain has picked Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate, in a complete surprise to many media watchers. Palin, age 44, is considered to be a perfect populist who has a history of figthign her own party and corruption in her state.

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  • Jason W.

    McCain has surprised everyone again. This is a very savvy choice.

  • Bob

    Definitely a stronger choice than Pawlenty or Romney, but is the McCain camp absolutely confident that she’s squeaky clean?

    This is going to focus a microscope on Alaska during the Ted Stevens trial — I just have trouble believing that in such a small state, there won’t be a slew of dirty fundraisers tied to both Stevens and Palin.

    • Crawdude

      Actually Bob, she is at odds with the Alaskan GOP for encouraging the Lt. Gov to run against Rep Young, trying to get the corruption out of Alaska GOP. As of right now, about 100 votes seperate the 2 in the primary count.

      She has no ties to Stevens 🙂

  • dean

    McCain spends the entire summer questioning whether Barak Obama has enough experience to be commander in chief, and then selects a 44 year old, 2 year governor of Alaska (with 8 years of city council experience for an 8000 person city lets not forget) to be a heartbeat away from the big chair, standing behind a 72 year old with skin cancer? I mean, is he serious? Is he senile? Am I dreaming? I think he just handed Obama the election. What does he have left to run on? His economic brilliance?

    Is this a desperate effort to rope in a few disenchanted Hilary supporters? Someone please explain.

    If I were a Republican, which thankfully I am not, I would be asking for a mulligan.

    • Abraxia

      Barack Obama has 0 years of executive experience. It’s all been legislative.

      Palin has had 5-6 years of executive experience.

      Your point, alas, falls flat on it’s face.

    • Jerry

      Dean – I suspect she has more experience than you do.

      • eagle eye

        Dean is running for vice-president? On the Oregon Catalyst ticket?

    • John Thompson in Maine

      I agree, I think McCain should of picked the best person quaified for the job, not pick a person he thought would get Clinton votes. He has pulled a huge blunder on this one, and it will cost him the election. He still has time to change his mind, and get the person most quaified for the job of commander and chief if something should happen to him. I would guess though, just like George, he is very set in his ways, and will stick by her as he dives in the poles. Obama must be loving this, at least he picked a person that made up for his inexperence. I predict a landslide victory for Obama. I will not be voting for someone that picks someone based on getting votes, instead of whats best for our country.

  • eagle eye

    There goes the experience issue! And here comes the age issue bigger than ever. 20 months as governor of Alaska. Mayor of a small town before that, a sports announcer after college. A hockey mom 2 years ago. This is preposterous. But then, look at the other side. Our politics is really becoming a circus act.

    • dean

      Amen Eagle. I was for Biden at the beginning, and thought Barak had jumped the que. I was for him over McCain based on policy, not resume. It seemed like McCain;s attacks on Obama’s inexperience were having effect. But now….holy sh**.

  • davidg

    It’s amusing to read Obama supporters railing about Palin’s alleged lack of experience. Isn’t this a little like the pot calling the kettle black?

    After all, she has just about as much relevant political experience as Obama. And she is a governor, after all. And she is only number 2 on the ticket, not number 1. The “heartbeat away” argument is hardly one Democrats can credibly make.

    I agree with ee that politics has the look of a circus act. But hasn’t that always been the reality?

    • eagle eye

      It often has been somewhat of a carnival freak show, but I have to stretch way back to see a time like this when both tickets looked that way. Part of it is I’m getting older and nobody seems credible for such a job anymore. But things really look different this time. We are living in terribly parlous times, and the U.S. in a weakened situation, economically, politically, and militarily, with a lot of resentful enemies out there waiting to pounce.

      I can’t see ever voting for Obama, but it’s impossible to be enthusiastic about McCain, especially now.

      It has the look of a goofball move to me.

  • Jerry

    I think she is Brighter, cleaner and more articulate than Obama.

    • dean

      Delusional. She is Dan Quayle squared. I don’t care how bright she is. She undermines the best argument McCain had for NOT electing Obama. From today forward, every time McCain even mentions Obama’s lack of experience, a reporter….even a Fox “news” reporter for Christ’s sake, will say….”but what about your choice of a VP? Isn’t the most fundamental basis for picking a VP that he/she is ready to govern this nation from day one?” OK…with a new baby she will be up at 3AM anyway, but what does she do when Iran attacks Israel?

      And Jerry…Alaska is a complete welfare state. 99% owned by the federal government, resources practically given scott-free to private industry, no taxes, and every resident gets a check from the government every year for nothing…just for living there. Governing Alaska is not like governing any other state because there are no taxes levied on anyone. It’s a cakewalk.

      Of course…that city council experience….now there were important decisions made like where to put the new library, or how to landscape the town park.

      I’m sending McCain a thank you memo. And if by some miracle she wins I am digging a bomb shelter in the back yard.

      • Crawdude

        If she is DQ squared as you hope, if she beats Biden in the debates…………what does that make him?

        I watched her in an interview last night, you may want to also before you start hoping she’s a flop. I think you are in for a lot of disappointment when you see the VP debates.

        P.S., I’m still not voting for McCain but I’ll consider voting for her 4 years from now 🙂

    • dogman

      Also I think sdhe is a fox, she really can smile and talk to the public in a demeaner of being one of us little guys.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Ok, now this is really funny. Groping for the experience issue? Good lord, that is pathetic. Lets go to the numbers:

    Hmm, Obama, 150 some odd days in the Senate.

    Palin? 20 months as governor, lets say she is only working half the days, hmm, 300 days

    Hey wow, that’s pretty neat, so Palin as VP even if we believe she only worked half time has twice the experience as Obama. And that’s as an executive, running a state. Sure sounds like she is way more prepared than Obama.

    Oh well, so much for yet another sill argument from the Obama camp argument. Damn, are they desperate or what?

    Want to know the best part? Just wait until the Obama bunch start attacking her on the experience issue. Whhooooo boy is that one going to backfire big time. You are going to see that contingent of the Hillary voters who wanted her just because she is a woman running to vote against the O man.

    Want to know an even better part? Guess who is going to be the one attacking Palin? Yep, that’s right, you got it, good old Joe Biden. That’s what VP candidates do, attack so the head of the ticket doesn’t look so negative. Anyone remember how well Biden was received by women when he was running the judiciary committee during the Anita hill days? Say hello to some major gaffs from Biden on this one. You are going to hear stuff from him that’s going to make the Indian accent/7-11 gaffs look like nothing.

    And don’t think it isn’t occurring to no small number of Hillary supporters that McCain’s age means voting for him could very well mean a woman president in year three or four of his term. Anyone hear the Booooos when Hillary gave her speach and said she was releasing her deligates? Not to good for the man who would be king I would say.

    Obama coming out of his convention with a single digit bump at best, now this? Damn, I couldn’t have wished for better, whooo hoooo, drinks are so on my, its party all night long from now until election day.

    • dean

      Seriously? I have 2 projects down in Springfield this fall, so I will take you up on that drink.

      I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. All the sudden, you have dropped your worries about terrorists and Iran and “finishing the job” in Iraq and so forth? Or you think 300 days in the Governor’s seat of our great federal welfare state of 650,000 people, a population the size of the City of Portland remotely qualifies Ms. Palin for commander in chief runner up to the old warrior dude? Or are you banking on her on the job training and the skills of the Bethesda medical staff (all public employees by the way, so obviously not the best and the brightest)?

      I agree with you that Obama is not sufficiently experienced for the job, which is why I supported Biden until he dropped out. My support of Obama for president is IN SPITE of his lack of national experience, not BECAUSE of it. I want Democrats back in charge of the country, so I’m over looking his faults. But it seems to me that by selecting Palin, McCain has demolished what had been his most effective argument against Obama. We Democrats do not have to say much about Palin’s lack of bona fides. McCain simply made Obama’s lack now moot, and that will be the story from now until November.

      Plus…aren’t you the least bit concenred that this choice is such a brazen example of affirmative action? It is one thing for Obama to win voters in a primary. It is another for Palin to be SELECTED by McCain out of the entire Republican political world, ahead of far more experienced and capable governors, senators, congressmen, and cabinet members. And all for what? To win the endorsement of James Dobson and maybe….maybe…pick up a few PUMAs?

      I just don’t think this is going to work out for McCain. He needs to hope that VP choices trluy don’t matter.

      • davidg

        I think you have missed one of McCain’s main objectives with the Palin nomination. As Eagle Eye says above, and I agree with him, politics is more like a circus and a battle of showmanship than anything else. McCain had been seen even by Republicans as a dud. He needed to energize his “base.”

        If you cruise around political sites on the internet, you will see that McCain scored tremendously with conservatives on this nomination. The base is now definitely “energized.” That accomplishment means more for him than any discussion about experience.

        • Klamath Falls Republican

          Eagle Eye is sure right, a circus, freak show is what it is. A female moose hunter ex sport announcer from Alaska under an ethics investigation — they say she tried to get her ex-brother in law state trooper fired, and when the responsible state official said no, she went after him!

          At least Susan Castillo, another good-looking ex-TV journalism school grad, is not crooked. Maybe Obama shoulda picked her!

        • dean

          David…yes….since they base their entire lives on a single issue, abortion, “the base” are indeed energized. But 90% of them would have voted for McCain anyway, and I don’t think the other 10% are enought to cancel out the independents who may have voted for McCain based on experience and security, who now may re-think their position.

          I think McCain has to win independents, and I don’t think he did himself any favors here. But what do I know? I would love to know what his advisors really think about this. I think McCain shot from the hip here and made a decision against his best advisors. We will only find out after the elction is over.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        Who said anything about dropping my worries about terrorists and Iran? Where the hell did that come from?

        Oh and dont start going on about affirmative action and lack of experience. You know that isnt working with anyone. She aint the top of the ticket, Mr. 150 days is the top of yours.

        Yaaaaahhhhhhhh, now I want you to just do one thing for me.

        And I want you to say it with me, you know what I want you to do for me?

        Are you ready?



        The Money!

        Yeah, thats right, you know what Im talking about. Cause you know that Palin is going to pull way more Ex Hillaries in for McCain than Biden is going to pull in god knows what for Obama.

        Uh Huh, yeah thats right. Now you knowwhat Im talkin about.

        You can go on and on about whatever smack you want to but you know its just coming off as sour grapes. You think anyone beleives the left is glad about this pick? You think anyone beleaves you really beleive McCain just handed Obama the election?

        Yeah, thats right, I didnt think so.

        Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Daddy

        Say YeeeeeeAAAAaaaahhhhhhh

        Cause we all know your only shot is to dig up some dirt on Palin, and we all know thats exactly what the left is doing now, digging. Oooohhhhhhhh I am so freaking scared about the firing her ex brother in law thing. Wooooooo…..Oooohhhhhhh. Im shaking.

        Im loving it. The only thing that makes this better is if Obama came out with under a ten point bounce coming out of the convention.

        OOoOOooooooppppps my bad, he did didnt he?

        Im going with Robert Redfords assesment from six months ago, if the Democrats lose this one its they seriously have to ask if its the end of the party.

        Yo yo yo yooooooooo yo

        So signing off with this one, yo yo yo

        You about to get beat by a million year old white guy from the incumbent party with $4 gasoline and banks failing daily. Thats kind of like Michal Jorden getting beat by Dr. Ruth you know what I mean?

        Yo Yo Yo last one up………. I wouldnt want to be in your Addidas.

        Yahhhhhh Hahhhhhhh

        You is scared of the Palin pick, you know it, I know it, I just said it, you just heard it! THATS ALL!!!!!!!!!

        Go Daddy, Go Daddy, Go Daddy.

    • JRM

      Hey math wizzard, since when does 3 years equal 150 days

  • Crawdude

    McCain did exactly what he wanted, he blunted Obama’s speech and he has the liberals and Dean foaming at the mouth and bouncing around like loose cannons.

    Remeber liberals, if you say too much about her and she doesn’t turn out to be a blithering idiot, you’ll be the ones that look like one. If you spread too much disinformation and she ends up trouncing Biden in the debates, you’ll be the ones looking like the blithering idiots , lol!

    McCain put some entetainment back into this race:)

    • dean

      CD….yep…entertainment. He did that. He also has been castigating Obama for puting his own ambitions ahead of country. But then he appoints a neophyte governor of an all but people empty welfare state to be next in line for the red button, presumably and inexplicably because he thinks this increases HIS chances of winning the election. Though it is reported he did meet her once, so obviously he sized her up for the job, and she was the best he could find. Better than Romney apparently.

      I looked up a few things about Alaska’s economy, just to refresh my memory since it has been 15 years since I did some work there. 80% of the state’s revenues come from oil and gas royalties (taxes) charged to companies, not individuals. In other words, their tax structure is almost entirely on the backs of corporations. Individuals pay paltry local sales taxes, almost no property taxes, no income taxes at all. Alaskans soak businessess. Not only that, they soak you and me and all those blue-collar Ohio voters who are being laid off or already have been. Because the oil and gas actually belongs to you and me and those Ohioans. It is pumped from FEDERAL….that is…OUR land. Why aren’t WE getting those revenues? Because it goes to ALaskans. Hard working, moose hunting, snowmobile driving, pot smoking Alaskans. THey get to pay NO TAXES, plus they get a check every year from the ALASKA PERMANENT FUND, which is a mulit-billion dollar investment account for Alaskans and only Alaskans, run BY THE GOVERNMENT, from revenues charged to the oil and gas companies who pump OUR oil and gas. Get it? Alaskans tax companies pumping our resources, give the money to government, which invests it, then uses the revenues for all sorts of projects, libraries, roads, schools, and sends a check to all 650,000 Alaskans (one reason it pays to have a lot of kids there). Governing such a place is not like governing anyplace else in the US. It is more like governing a Middle East Sheikdom. Fiscal conservatism thus means something entirely different in Alaska than it does here, in the real world. And the past 2 years, her governing time, as coincided with a HUGE increase in available funds because…you guessed it….all that money WE have been paying at the pump means a lot more money going into her state treasury. Her “exectutive experience” is thus a joke.

      Rupert….as hard as I have tried for the position, I have yet to be appointed to speak for “the left.” So speaking only for one lefty, me, no I don’t “know” that Palin is going to gather in more votes than Biden, from whatever source. Anything is possible. She could come across as salt of the earth, a sort of female “Dave” (the movie,) and become a right-wing working class heroine. Its possible.

      An important job of presidents is to appoint people to presumably important positions of responsibility, like…oh….I dunno….secretary of defense, energy, commerce, economic advisory council, supreme court, and head of FEMA just as examples. John McCain and Barak Obama just made their first appointments. McCain apparently thinks she is ready not just to be vice president, but actually president. He just made a big statement about his judgement on personnel matters.

      I think people will take this into account when they vote. And I think “Sarah who” has her work cut out for her over the next 10 weeks or so. I wish her no harm.

      I was predicting that the elction was going to be very close, but somewhere between a 2-4 point, 25-50 electoral margin for Obama. For the Catalyst record, I’m now raising this to 4-8 point popular vote, 75-100 electoral margin for Obama.

      And I’m still begging you to take me up on your even-steven bet offer from weeks ago. Are you in? A single malt of choice for me versus a martini for you? My mano-mano versus your mano-femino straight up?

      • Crawdude

        Dean, the frothing saliva coming from you liberals is almost comical. McCain trumped you and you have nothing to battle back with. His pick was good, heres the pick you yo-yo made :

        Biden, like Obama, is the slippery sort. This is, after all, the same guy who withdrew from the 1988 Democrat presidential primary after being caught plagiarizing British Labour party leader Neil Kinnock in his stump speeches. Biden also plagiarized a law review article at Syracuse University, lied about having attended college on an academic scholarship, lied about how many degrees he had earned, and lied about having graduated in the top half of his law school class (he was 76th in a class of 85). “I exaggerate when I’m angry,” Biden once said, “but I’ve never gone around telling people things that aren’t true about me.” Clearly, this guy can’t even tell the truth about not telling the truth.

        Yeah Dean, you really know how to pick winners, lol,lol! LOVING THE ENTERTAINMENT! Send me more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Have a nice Labor Day weekend also, I’m going fishing for a week 🙂

  • Crawdude

    I’m loving the people with handles no one een on here before. Sounds like Blue Oregonm is getting scared and seanding out their drones, woohoo!

    • real eagle gazer K Falls Rep

      You mean Klamath Falls Republican? Must be. Yes, that’s me and I’ll tell you that guy Eagle Eye is right this time, even Dean is making more sense than most of you! I’m not a regular poster, but McCain knocked the wind out of me with this crazy choice. Is the guy allright?

      • dean

        I’ll take that as a back-handed compliment real eagle. I’m for Obama, Palin or no Palin, but this one knocked the wind out of me as well. The race seemd to be very tight, and it seemed McCain was knocking the bark off Obama on the experience, ready to lead, empty suit attacks. I was getting pretty nervous. Now….we start all over. But essentially the race comes to which fresh face does the country want? And one of those fresh faces, like him or not, has been through the public wringer for quite some time, while the other is completely untested. She is going to be a verbal gaff waiting to happen. “Other people in America pay taxes? I didn’t know that!”

        Also…it turns out she was FOR the bridge to nowhere before she was AGAINST it. Line em up.

        CD…have a great week fishing. I start a new job next week. Think about me toiling away (not) and have a laugh while you are tipping one back.

        • regkfr

          You mean compliment *for* real eagle I hope, I really hail from KF. By the way you should read what she was saying about Iraq a year ago, said didn’t know what was going on, look it up.

          Over and outta here from KF, no way to spend the wknd.

        • Crawdude

          Well, every other year we fish for humpy salmon is the area we’re going. This is the run’s off year, so we’re hoping to latch on to a silver or two since they run together.

          The local kids pulled my back fence down trying to get to my apple tree, lol! Time to got put it back up, then I have about 10 people to drop apples off to.

          Have a good one!

          • dean

            K falls dude…yes, I’ve been reading up on her. Man….unbelievable. I’m sure she is a capable, interesting, feisty, intelligent woman. But I’m going to feel her pain over the nex 10 weeks as she gets fully vetted in the national and international media. Truly, I think Obama and Biden arelighting up cigars.

            CD….have a great one. Elect Dems and you just might get some salmon back.

            I’m headed outside to build and mend things on the farm. Just got the chipper fixed and have several large piles of brush to run through. Hope I don’t end up like that Fargo guy.

  • John in Oregon

    Dean and others:

    I like facts soooo lets start with that.

    In terms of executive experience, Sarah Palin has more than Obama, (who has little) more than Biden, (who has none) and is on a par with McCain’s own Navy command experience.

    In terms of international affairs, Sarah Palin has more than Obama. She has been to Iraq as often as Obama and stayed longer than Obama.

    All of Alaskas borders are international borders, principally Russia and Canada. Palin has negotiated the natural gas pipeline deal with Canada after 30 years of Alaska legislature failure

    Yes, Palin served on the council and as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. She also was elected as President of the Alaska Conference of Mayors and later served as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

    While on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission she exposed rampant GOP corruption which was swept under the rug by Alaskan Governor Frank Murkowski.

    She has actively supported and helped the GOP primary opponents of current indicted Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens and Representative Don Young, and denounced both of them in public.

    She ran against Governor Frank Murkowski, wining the GOP primary and won the general against former Democratic Governor Tony Knowles with no support from Alaskan GOP leadership.

    (As an aside, her actions in denouncing Stevens may well allow the Democrats to pick up a Senate seat. Just the same I find her honesty refreshing and support her in this.)

    As Governor she canceled Ted Stevens’ bridge to nowhere earmark saying, if Alaska wants the bridge, Alaska will pay for it.

    I noticed you echoed the Obama talking point, just a mayor of a small Alaska town. On the coat tails of Obama’s slam against Hillary’s Pennsylvania voters as clinging to the bible and guns I wonder it that is such a good idea. Does Obamma really want to alienate further the small town American heartland?

    Abraxia, its not correct to say that Obama has no executive experience. He does have the Annenberg challenge on his resume. Although of late Obama does appear to be distancing him self from Chicago Annenberg Challenge Fund and Bill Ayers.

    Dean, it appears to me that the McCain campaign is operating well inside Obama’s decision loop. You might want to look up the John Boyd link I gave you some time back. It does explain the OODA loop and swordlessness. The latter is particularly relevant.

    Obama, Biden, and the Dem 527’s had best be careful how they talk about Sarah Palin. My wife just heard about the NBC pundit comment that Palin can’t be vice President because she has a special needs Down syndrome child.

    My wife voted Obama in the primary and that pundit comment sent her through the roof. (I voted Hillary because I refuse to vote PRESENT.)

    • dean

      John…check your facts. She did not “cancel the bridge to nowhere.” Congress cancelled it out of embarassment. She had been for it. After Congress cancelled it she then took the state share out of the budget, because it was not nearly enough to build it.

      Its not a good winning strategy to depend on the sympathy vote from the other side beating you up by the way. That has never worked for we Democrats.

      You may need to cut a permanent hole in your roof, because your wife is going to have a lot of opporunity to go through it over the next 2 months.

    • John in Oregon

      Dean it’s best to ignore the likes of the dailykos, and recently edited Wikipedia pages (last modified on 31 August 2008)

      I have been following the pork busters story for some time so I know the history. In point of fact, Congress creates earmarks AND a state _can_ cancel the project. You are thinking of this;

      *One “Bridge to Nowhere” Canceled*
      November 16th, *2005*
      “Congress today removed the $223 million earmark for a new bridge to connect the town of Ketchikan, Alaska to a nearby island of 50 full-time residents…”

      This 2005 story follows the efforts of GOP conservatives to eliminate the practice of earmarks. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., was leading the charge and successfully deleted the bridge earmark. The earmark was later reinserted by Senator Stevens.


      *Bridge to nowhere canceled*
      Monday, September 24, 2007
      “Alaska’s famous “bridge to nowhere” project was canceled, as ordered by Governor Sarah Palin (R). The project, which would have cost close to $400 million dollars to connect a tourist island to an airport, became famous for its appearance as a pork project. The project was championed by Sen. Ted Stevens (R) and Rep. Don Young.”

      And, finally.

      *$400 million “Bridge to nowhere” project gets canned*
      AP Sep 21, 2007

      “JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – Gov. Sarah Palin ordered state transportation officials Friday to abandoned the “bridge to nowhere” project that became a nationwide symbol of federal pork-barrel spending….”

      “Ketchikan desires a better way to reach the airport, but the $398 million bridge is not the answer,” Palin said in a news release….”

      “Under mounting political pressure over pork projects, Congress stripped the earmark – or stipulation – that the money be used for the airport, *but still sent the money to the state…”*

      Got that? Congress _sent the money_ and Gov. Palin ordered _state_ transportation officials to abandon the bridge project.

      Dean do you seriously believe experience that matters is time-in-grade accompanied by appearances on Meet-the-Press and face-offs with the Washington DC press corps? Being elevated to editor of the law review and publishing no articles? Voting present?

      For me, “[E]xperience that matters means achieving something noteworthy, if not remarkable, requiring fearless leadership in execution. [A] leader has been defined as someone who could harness the energy of people around him or her in order to do something monumental, undertaking considerable risk, where the outcome was uncertain: for example launch a new company, eradicate a disease, build a canal or a railroad, lead an expedition to and from Antarctica, land a man on the moon and return him safely to earth, win a battle or a war.”

      What are Governor Sarah Palin accomplishments?

      Well, she managed a business, raised a family, and governed a city. There is much more although the Obama campaign has focused on the last couple of years. Fair enough lets look at those years. It is an accomplishment rich period of time. Sarah Palin already has a documented trail of stunning achievements;

      > She has forced the reevaluation of oil and gas property
      > She has provoked more oil and gas output
      > She has spearheaded a $40 billion pipeline construction, negotiating with Canada and private industry.
      > She has penned over 300 vetoes to kill pork barrel spending.
      > All while ousting corrupt careerist Alaskan politicians from her own party
      > She has put dollars back into taxpayers’ pockets
      > She has rejuvenated the petro jobs economy of Alaska
      > She is showing the way for this nation to achieve energy independence
      > She has produced the first genuine reform government since Teddy Roosevelt in New York State.

      Dean, feel free to add the list of Byden’s and Obamas accomplishments here.

      Dean you commented that > *Its not a good winning strategy to depend on the sympathy vote from the other side beating you up.*

      Sympathy? Really is that what you think the voters feel? Pity the frilly little empty headed beauty queen? Is that what you believe the voters will think?

      When, Sarah Palin is slammed as not being the mother the fifth child. When Rachel Maddow on MSNBC snickers that Palin had to hop a plane back Alaska for the birth of the fifty baby, that will be perceived by the voters how?

      When Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann prance in glee that Gustav may hit New Orleans (yes I know that such childish behavior is expected of Moore).

      When former National Chairman of the DNC Don Fowler and Congressman John Spratt of South Carolina yuck it up that New Orleans is about to get a hurricane. Democrats hoping for another New Orleans hurricane that will kill thousands of people and distract attention from the Republican Convention.

      About this the Voters ought to think, what?

      • dean

        Nice try changing the subject. I’ll leave Gustav comments to others.

        She is on tape supporting the bridge before she didn’t support it. Congress sent a pile of money not earmarked in the end. By the way, did you know Alaska gets about $1.75 returned for every $1 they send in federal taxes? Nice deal eh?

        Until we all know more, I’m happy to grant Palin all the accomplishments you or her handlers want to bestow upon her. Except perhaps “rejuvenating petro jobs” in Alaska. I suspect $140 a barrel oil had more to do with that. The big difference betwixt Palin and Obama, with respect to America’s perception of their ability to handle the presidency is that the former has only been vetted by McCain, while the latter has been vetted by the democratic party membership thorugh an overly long primary election. In other words, 18 million voters chose Obama to represent their party, warts and all. Most of the rest just added their endorsement in Denver. He was held up to the light, questioned, debated, castigated, humiliated, slapped around, watched his pastor’s worst sermons on you tube, had to endure rumors he is a Muslim, and so forth. And after all that he won the nomination, manages to draw ever larger crowds, and sits a bit above McCain in most polls.

        Palin is going to have a light shined on her as she has never ever experienced or probably thought possible. Ugly rumors, like the one about her baby, are going to be thrown out there left and right. People she might have met once 15 years ago who it turned out were child molesters who also drove the city backhoe will emerge from the shadows and tell unflattering stories about her. Her mother-in-law may or may not endorse her. Her few on air recordings will be played again and again and edited into short commercials: not knowing much about Iraq, disagreeing with McCain on ANWR and global warming, liking Ron Paul, liking Obama for that matter. Photos with her wearing very questionable t-shirt slogans or skimpy skirts will be shown. Her basic position on abortion, that a 14 year old girl raped by her own drunken dad must bear that child, because God said so, will be much talked about, especially among women voters. As will the wisdom of teaching creationism in the schools. And so forth.

        And over a 10-12 week period all this stuff will be flying around as America tries to figure out who she really is, and whether it makes much sense to have her as the 2nd chair for a 72 year old, who statistically has a 1 in 6 chance of not living through 2 terms, meaning there is a very real chance she could be our president sooner rather than later.

        Its not about resumes or “executive experience,” though those matter to some people a lot. Its about all of us getting to know Sarah Palin, who about 3% of us had even heard of before yesterday. If she survives the next few weeks with her dignity intact, and is able to etch herself into the American conscience as a smart, capable, ethical, young woman who can be trusted with running the United States of America, then at worst she will do McCain no harm and may help him a bit. If she blunders, or starts asking which hemisphere Australia is in, or if she is unable to put fast flying rumors quickly to bed, she will wreck McCain’s already challenging prospects. I’m willing to watch the show and withold my own judgement. But it looks like a riverboat gamble from this seat, and without much upside.

        Like Obama, I wish her luck, but not too much.

  • cc

    The selection of Palin does many things:

    1. Steps on the story of Obama’s speech (and convention), and possibly the bounce coming from them, and wipes them off the news cycle. The Sunday news shows will be all-Palin, all of the time.

    2. Sends Republicans into their convention on a huge head of steam.

    3. Wipes out the image of McCain as the crotchety elder and brings back that of the fly-boy and gambler, which is much more appealing, and the genuine person.

    4. Revs up the base AND excites independents, which no one else in the party, or perhaps in the world, could have accomplished.

    5. Puts youth, change, and history on both of the tickets.

    6. May detach some young people, especially women.

    7. May attach some women pissed off about Hillary.

    8. As a pro-life super-achiever, puts feminists in a tizzy.

    9. Revives some of the double-edged nature of the Democratic primary, which featured a black vs. a female trail-blazer, and put both sides on notice on sensitivity issues. Democrats used to raising charges of racism against Obama’s critics may face charges of sexism and/or condescension if they try to diss her.

    10. Steps on Obama’s claims to have been a reformer, as he reformed nothing (much less the corrupt mare’s nest of Chicago arrangements), while she was a dragon-slayer up in Alaska.

    11. As a mother of five, one a Down Syndrome baby, helps her side take on the Democrats on abortion extremism and the Born Alive bill.

    12. Reignites the deep and unhealed stresses inside the Democrats, some of whom will now wonder
    more loudly than ever why they didn ‘t pick Hillary.

    13. Counters Michelle in a way Cindy couldn’t.

    14. Counter-intuitively, makes the issue of Obama’s light resume more potent than ever. Her lack of experience is no more than his is. And he’s–to use a term from Alaska, and the Iditarod–their lead dog.

    -excerpted from the Weekly Standard website.

    • dean

      Yes…we have all read the Republican party talking points on Governor Palin. Now tell us….how will she help McCain actually GOVERN if they win, and what sort of PRESIDENT will she be if he keels over? What does she know about the wide world outside of Alaska? What are her positions on the great issues of the day? Her views on diplomacy versus use of military force? How to wind up the war in Iraq and successfully conclue the other one where bin Laden actually is? Do you have some insights on these questions?

    • John in Oregon

      Actually I didn’t change the subject. DNC Chairman Don Fowler’s glee over Gustav is precisely relevant. That you don’t understand why, for that you have my sympathy.

      I have said that McCain is operating inside Obama’s decision loop. As a fighter pilot, at first I attributed that fully to McCain. One short example.

      On Wednesday last week McCain announced he would run a special, on camera to the people commercial Thursday evening.

      Obama immediately edited his acceptance extravaganza speech, How Dare They. How dare they question my patriotism! Obama’s staff went into overdrive excoriating McCain for steeping on Obama’s moment in the sun.

      Then McCain spoke. On this historic anniversary of MLK at the Lincoln Memorial, I suspend my campaign for the evening. Tomorrow you and I will campaign anew, tonight congratulations for your achievement.

      Often said of President Clinton, he holds his finger to the wind. Its true that all politicians do to one degree or another, likely more so for Clinton. More depth can be fond in Bill Clinton, an element of go along to get along. Get along, the mothers milk which allows highly contested politics to function at all. (Contrast with Pelosi- Reed, my way or no way.)

      Earlier I attributed McCain being inside Obama’s decision loop as totally due to McCain’s campaign. At the moment I am less sure that’s solely McCain’s acheivement.

      Consider the announcement of Palin for VP.

      Obama immediately lashed out calling Palin, just a small town mayor. Why did that happen?

      Obama, after pissing off small town America, immediately rewound the tape for a do over. But why did that happen?

      Of course Obama was off balance having just per-slammed McCain for his congratulations. WHY did that happen?

      Its not just that McCain was faster, quicker, which he was. WHY DID THAT HAPPEN?

      I now suspect that much is due to Obama’s own OODA loop. Obama has created a carefully crafted political image, one that carefully submerges his past and personal beliefs. A political appearance built upon the calculations of how the voter will respond. All of which requires a great deal of calculation, what will be the perception?

      Obama’s OODA loop has a great deal of overhead. Each word and phrase must be evaluated.

      In contrast McCain operates from a set of beliefs. Although I may not agree with some, his illegal alien position for example, McCain does not have that overhead.

      And that is why Gustav maters and is relevant to how Obama is in trouble because of the choice of Palin.

      Dean you said > *Its not about resumes or “executive experience…*

      Oh really. My response.

      Dean #7.1 2008-08-29 18:48
      *[Y]ou think 300 days in the Governor’s seat of our great federal welfare state of 650,000 people, a population the size of the City of Portland remotely qualifies Ms. Palin for commander in chief runner up to the old warrior dude?*

      Or how about

      Dean #7.1 2008-08-29 18:48
      *Or are you banking on her on the job training and the skills of the Bethesda medical staff (all public employees by the way, so obviously not the best and the brightest)?*

      That just made my OODA point. Small town America trashed. The medical staff at a fairly prestigious institution trashed. And lets not forget Harry S Truman.

      “Harry Truman, certainly one of, if not the most unlikely of men to occupy the White House, as vice president wasn’t even close enough to be in FDR’s shadow. Yet Truman attained greatness with four momentous decisions-Hiroshima, the Marshall Plan, the Truman Doctrine for Soviet containment and the Berlin airlift. And let’s not forget desegregating the military.”

      Oh and by the way, Truman didn,t base his OODA loop decisions on political image calculations.

      • dean

        John…”small town america is trashed? Why….because I question whether serving as mayor of a town of less than 10K people is a sufficient demonstration of experience to prepare one to govern a nation of 300 million? Get over it. I live in a town of less than 10,000. I love my mayor and respect my council members. I don’t know any of them I would nominate for VP of America or vote for.

        I don’t think Obama said anything about Palin as a small town mayor. One of his staff did say somethign to that effect, but Obama congratulated her and left it at that. Today he asked everyone to stop dragging her daughter’s surprise pregnancy into this, and said he would fire any of his staff who did so.

        Harry Truman served as an artillery officer in WW1 and attained the rank of colonel in the national guard. He was a 2-term US Senator before being named to the Roosevelt ticket in 44. Thus he had a lot more practical experience under his belt than either Senator Obama or Governor Palin. He was far more prepared for the job. I don’t know what he based his decisions on, but he was definitely a politician.

        John…try to take a step back and think objectively about this issue. Read what Kruthamer said about this, and he is no liberal. We both know where we both stand politically and who we are voting for, but ask yourself if Palin was really a good choice given McCain’s age and her less than worldly or even national experience. Is the Republican bench really that depleted? I think this decision is going to end up very badly for both of them, and for her family unfortunately. I’ll be surprised if she is able to withstand the wave of questions that are going to be flying at her and about her. She is probably a fine person, but is likely to come off looking like this year’s joke and a subject of future trivia contests. This election will turn into an electoral route if she flubs up.

        That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • Anonymous


    “…electoral route…”

    Ah, the wisdom of dean. He substitutes his prejudice for logic and deduces failure for the Republicans – quelle surprise!

    The real joke here is watching the loony lefties trying to tell everyone that they’re not insulting women, Alaskans, small town mayors, small (population-wise) state governors and our intelligence by proclaiming their “concern” over the choice of Palin.

    The comedy is that they (dean and his ilk) really believe they can sell this fiction. All they’ve got are infantile insults and the usual politics of personal destruction – noble tools for panicked fools.

    I must say “electoral route” is my favorite so far, dean.

    • dean

      Yes…mine too. We finally agree on something.

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