Real goal of EPA is to terrorize, not enforce

by Chana Cox

The EPA, the Romans, and the Rule of Law

EPA regional official Al Armendariz, speaking at a May 10, 2010 meeting in Dish, Texas, explained the EPA’s enforcement procedure against the oil and gas industry by likening it to the enforcement philosophy of the Roman empire.  According to Armendariz, the Romans would walk into a newly conquered town, “find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them.  And that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

The reference to crucifixion as a way of controlling the oil and gas industry was so overwhelmingly offensive that commentators tended to overlook what this comparison says about the rule of law in America today.

Note that not even by implication were the first five guys the Romans saw guilty of an infringement of any law or even of any behavior which might have offended their Roman masters.  The purpose was not to enforce the law, but to terrorize the town.

And so we come to understand why the EPA introduces new “laws” on an ad hoc basis to stop oil and gas projects.  That’s the point, isn’t it?  The purpose is not to enforce a law, but to terrorize the oil and gas industry and thus prevent that industry and industries like the timber, agricultural, and resource extraction industries inOregonfrom doing anything at all. Those same “laws” are seldom enforced against the government favored green industries.

Is this the rule of law, or is this a soft-core form of bureaucratic state sponsored terrorism?

  • EPA

    So this moron quits. Big deal. He is a fool. The whole place is crawling with people just like him. Jack booted thugs.
    Pencil neck geeks.

    • Crabman34

      What kind of mental disability gets one to the point where an entire agency of dedicated professionals is mocked for their high intelligence?  What kind of extreme paranoia gets you to the point that you think the thousands of people just like you (well, in that they are also homo sapiens) who go to work every day to support their families have the mindset that they are want to hurt and punish you for, what, fun?  And, how exactly can one be an idiot AND a pencil necked geek at the same time?  That’s like me calling you a latte-sipping, volvo-driving, gun-toting redneck.  See?  Makes no sense.  And you don’t get what I’m trying to say either. 

      What I understand you to be saying is that you have little understanding of how the federal government works, who works there, why they do what the do, what authority they have and from where they derive it, or really how constitutional law divides power in this country.  What you clearly know is how to repeat talking points from Michael Savage, Faux News, and the rest of the know-nothing commentariat.Armendariz’ words were very poorly chosen, but the point is apropos:  Make and example of the worst offenders so that the other offenders take notice.  For those of you constantly screaming about waste in government, this is a reasonable approach.  It requires less government resources to go after the worst offenders hard enough that it puts other offenders on notice to be compliant without government intervention.Chana, you have it wrong, he’s talking about enforcement, not making up laws.  Read (or listen) to the clip again.  Maybe you’ll comprehend it this time.  Why do you right-wingers always claim that the government is “making up laws?”  How does that even work?

      • EPA

        I stand by my statements. The agency is flawed. Seriously. For you to defend says more than I ever could.
        Great. Nice. Congrats.

      • guest

         Crabman34 may be DaShadowNozzz posting in OregonLive – both nine pence in the shilling.

  • Lyneil

    Considering the EPA jailed and fined a man for cleaning up tires on his farm and filling in the area with dirt and sand, I’d say you’re right about the EPA’s domestic terrorism agenda.

  • valley person

    Geez Chana…I used to think you were one of the last remaining reasonable  conservatives. Guess I have to re-think that one.

    • JoelinPDX

      Fortunately Chana, VP isn’t qualified to pas judgement on anyone. Figure it this way…he thinks Obozo is a great president. Yet the so-called “constitutional law professor” doesn’t even understand the Constitution. So, no worries about what such a moron says he thinks.

  • Bob Clark

    Maybe the EPA should be reformed to have a dual mandate much as the Federal Reserve.  The dual mandate would be:  (1) advancement of a clean environment, while also (2) advancing material (and service) economic well being as measured by real per capita income and GDP (none of this happiness “book cooking” index stuff dreamt up by the ivory tower types at PSU and Kitzhaber’s office).

    As it is now, EPA only has the first objective.  But with this one objective it can become obessive about it as it seems have become over the past ten or more years, and especially since the arrival of left leaning Obama.  Boy, Bill Clinton was so good at playing these dual roles.  He was a real (albeit slimey) politician, unlike “I-am-the-King” Obama.

    Hope Obama is changed out this November from the White House.  This is the real hope and change!

    • Crabman34

      There are plenty of provisions requiring EPA to balance costs (including employment) against regulations.  See, for example, Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act, BEN and ABLE analyses for penalty calculations (which take into consideration the size and income of a corporation/business that is being penalized).

      EPA, if anything, has been compromised by those obsessed with cost-benefit analysis but who refuse to consider the real costs of non/de-regulation.  See, e.g., Cass Sunnstein, who Glenn Beck claims is the antichrist, but who has in fact angered progressives far more.

  • Chana Cox

    Yes, EPA this guy is a moron.  

    I did watch the video.  I would have no great objection (except to the coarseness of the language) if there was anything in the clip that even suggested that the enforcement was actually against law-breakers.  There is nothing in this video that suggests that unless you begin by assuming that ALL companies in the oil and gas industry are, by definition, law breakers.  Perhaps if we had the entire speech there might have been some suggestion of actual law breaking as the reason to crucify people but it is not in this clip and it is certainly not reflected by this analogy.  
    Bureaucratic law is now so complicated that even the bureaucrats are often unaware of what the law is at any moment.  It changes from moment to moment. (the INS is notorious in that way.  If you even ask them a question, you are likely to be entrapping yourself.)   

    We do see in the case of various bureaucracies that administrative laws are being administered (when they are actually being administered) in a way that prima facie seems to violate notions of equal protection.  For example, the wind generating industry is not sanctioned for the killing of thousands of birds, while the oil industry is stiffly sanctioned for the killing a several birds. Laws should be administered consistently to law-breakers. And do you really think that the regulators would treat a local Portland investment firm in the same way that they treat John Corzine who is still a valued government consultant although MFGlobal broke some of the most basic laws in the book by using client funds to cover corporate debt.    


  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, this guy was an idiot who has no place in government. I think we all could agree on that one. The thing to consider is is this boobs attitude isolated lunacy, or simply indicative of an agency wide attitude and he just happened to be the one caught on tape voicing it?

    There do seem to be quite a few stories of the EPA coming down hard on farmers and others for the most minor of incidences.

    Is it an agency completely out of control? No. However to not look at the attitude in the face of this incident, as well as others would be ludicrous.

    Obama has said his goal is to bankrupt the coal energy and make electricity rates skyrocket. With oppressive leadership like that at the very top, and this middle management lunatic in the middle, it would be insanity to ignore this and act like there is not something that needs to be looked at here.

    • deanfromoregon

       “I think we all could agree on that one.”

      Uh…no. Not really. People say stupid things. That doesn’t make them unqualified for a job.

      Yes, there are “stories” of Epa doing this or that. Its  a big agency with a big job and toes are going to get stepped on. And when that happens, there will be some stories, including those ginned up by people who hate government oversight of individuals and business to protect the rest of us from their pollution.

      “Obama has said his goal is to bankrupt the coal energy and make electricity rates skyrocket.”

      No Rupert, that isn’t what he said. He did say higher energy prices might help move us away from coal, and this would be a good thing by lowering pollution. Romney said exactly the same thing by the way. And they are both right.

  • Oregon Engineer

    I agree with Chana. 

    To all you you who think the EPA has done any good what so ever just continue with your heads stuck where the sun don’t shine and smell the fertilizer. 

    What do you say when the EPA declares CO2 a pollutant and we have coal shipping facilities being constructed on our coast to ship the coal we cannot burn here to places like China to burn there.  Just exactly when do we stop the pollution of CO2 and where is the EPA.

    So just keep blathering as if you know what is going on in the world.

    • 3H

      Are you denying that CO2 in sufficient quantities, and how it is generated and introduced into the environment, is a pollutant?

  • guest

    I’m a part of a growing establishment in approval of what Chana Cox resonates.

    • valley person

       All 5 of you should form a basketball team.

      • guest

        VP, a frequent fouler at the asylum where fellow patients would make him the 11th man in a 10 man pickup game.      

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