Palin a Very, Very Risky Choice

Yes, John McCains’ choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate is a very, very risky choice. Let’s take a look at the facts:

1. The democrats always talk a good game when it comes to smashing the glass ceiling for women. The republicans have actually done something about it by bringing Palin into the race. The democrats (make no mistake, Obama made this decision himself) pushed Hillary out — a woman, by the way, to make room for a tired, old, dishonest white guy with no credible accomplishments to his name.

2. Palin doesn’t have a lot of experience, although by every single measure possible she has far more experience doing far more meaningful things than does Obama. She is actually more qualified to be president than Obama (see #5 below). Biden has more years experience, but doing what? Acting out, lying, plagiarizing, and accomplishing very little after years and years in Washington representing one of the smallest, most insignificant states in the union.

3. Obama says he represents change — then picks one of the most uninspiring, one-dimensional, tired old senate clowns possible. Where is the change in that? Palin’s choice represents true change, a departure from old-style Washington insider politics, and a candidate who has actually made changes and not just discussed possibly making them someday.

4. All the excitement of late has been with the Obama campaign, due primarily to the fawning coverage from the drive-by media who are in the tank for the inexperienced, unaccomplished bright, clean, articulate (only with cue cards) candidate. You have not seen true excitement (other than a phony Super Bowl like stadium production with no substance) until today in Dayton, Ohio, where the crowd provided the energy and not some fireworks display from China. The base is fired up now for John McCain and his running mate. Watch what happens. They are truly fired up — not in love with “change” they don’t even understand.

5. Obama is young and strong and vibrant. Well, Palin is younger, much stronger, and far more vibrant than Obama could ever hope to be. She is an athlete (the Barracuda), a hunter, a fisher, a beauty pageant winner with a real earned scholarship to college (Joe — what was your scholarship again?), a journalist, a mayor, the first woman governor of Alaska, a mother and wife, a gas pipeline builder, and a proud pro-lifer. Ask someone sometime to outline exactly just what Obama has done to prepare him for the possibility of becoming president other than fewer than 145 days in the Senate, some community activism with known terrorists (Ayers), and 20 years’ church attendance where the congregation was regularly treated to hate speech about America.

Risky?? You bet. Risky for Obama and risky for Biden.

Nice work, John. Nice work, indeed.