Palin a Very, Very Risky Choice

Yes, John McCains’ choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate is a very, very risky choice. Let’s take a look at the facts:

1. The democrats always talk a good game when it comes to smashing the glass ceiling for women. The republicans have actually done something about it by bringing Palin into the race. The democrats (make no mistake, Obama made this decision himself) pushed Hillary out — a woman, by the way, to make room for a tired, old, dishonest white guy with no credible accomplishments to his name.

2. Palin doesn’t have a lot of experience, although by every single measure possible she has far more experience doing far more meaningful things than does Obama. She is actually more qualified to be president than Obama (see #5 below). Biden has more years experience, but doing what? Acting out, lying, plagiarizing, and accomplishing very little after years and years in Washington representing one of the smallest, most insignificant states in the union.

3. Obama says he represents change — then picks one of the most uninspiring, one-dimensional, tired old senate clowns possible. Where is the change in that? Palin’s choice represents true change, a departure from old-style Washington insider politics, and a candidate who has actually made changes and not just discussed possibly making them someday.

4. All the excitement of late has been with the Obama campaign, due primarily to the fawning coverage from the drive-by media who are in the tank for the inexperienced, unaccomplished bright, clean, articulate (only with cue cards) candidate. You have not seen true excitement (other than a phony Super Bowl like stadium production with no substance) until today in Dayton, Ohio, where the crowd provided the energy and not some fireworks display from China. The base is fired up now for John McCain and his running mate. Watch what happens. They are truly fired up — not in love with “change” they don’t even understand.

5. Obama is young and strong and vibrant. Well, Palin is younger, much stronger, and far more vibrant than Obama could ever hope to be. She is an athlete (the Barracuda), a hunter, a fisher, a beauty pageant winner with a real earned scholarship to college (Joe — what was your scholarship again?), a journalist, a mayor, the first woman governor of Alaska, a mother and wife, a gas pipeline builder, and a proud pro-lifer. Ask someone sometime to outline exactly just what Obama has done to prepare him for the possibility of becoming president other than fewer than 145 days in the Senate, some community activism with known terrorists (Ayers), and 20 years’ church attendance where the congregation was regularly treated to hate speech about America.

Risky?? You bet. Risky for Obama and risky for Biden.

Nice work, John. Nice work, indeed.

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  • dean

    Ha ha. Good one Jerry. You almost had us going there.

  • Bob

    Not to be picky, but didn’t the democrats smash this particular glass ceiling, oh, 24 years ago?

    • Jerry

      The ceiling never shattered. She lost.

  • John Fairplay

    I think it was Ferraro that was smashed, given the election results. I think it’s safe to say that Ferraro was picked as a gimmick to try and save a doomed candidacy. She certainly wasn’t picked based on her credentials or leadership or experience. Voters pretty much saw that when they rendered their historic judgment on the Ferraro ticket. The glass ceiling itself will be rendered inoperative this November.

  • Steve Plunk

    The dividends from this pick are already showing. Conservatives are energized and liberals are frightened. The idea of a conservative woman breaking through that glass ceiling twists them up. The fact she is smart, smokin’ hot and likes to shoot guns has Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan ghosts in a fit. This is a solid pick. McCain-Palin 2008. I like it.

    • dean

      Frightened? Not. Flabergasted yes.

  • Dave Cook

    What Th’ a Woman?? Oh, Yes! I was always fearful of Erlene Mandril in the days of my activation w/NRA,NWTF,etc. Knowing all the while the best fishing partners I’ve had where my girlfriends & BFF Jim, However, WE ALL know how politics works from the get-go.. Either elect Obama & co. (then get ready for our 2nd civil war) or give the Reps. a 2nd chance to CLEAR U.S. of this nasty recession. And pray we can start supporting ourselves instead supporting every other 3rd world country w/ mega bucks.. I’m honestly still too depressed to vote yet…. help me obe1canobe…

  • Crawdude

    I watched an interview with her on a financial channel last night. She is sharp and does have a grasp on the issues discussed.

    I predict that she will show Biden as the John Keery talking head clone that he is, up during the debates.

    Isn’t it funny that Obama (who was in the Senate for only 2 years or so) picked Biden because he couldn’t over shadow his legislative record( and pathetically, done nothing Biden has been in the senate for 36 years and accomplished nothing).

    This election, just got interesting 🙂

    Oh, and She gets high marks on the hotness scale according to the kids at work.

  • Klamath Falls Republican

    Amazingly bizarre choice. McCain just blew the election. I read that he has met her only twice, briefly. His first big decision and he does this. I’m afeared he’s a goner. She’s already under investigation in Alaska on an ethics charge — personal vendetta against her ex brother in law. Agent of change! Sounds more like the Mafia.

  • Mayor of a town of 8,000

    Wasilla, population 8,000. The Mayor of Medford has more responsibilities than Palin ever did. McCain just took the experience question off the table. The far flung population of Alaska, just over 700,000 is less than Portland.

    The Multnomah County Democratic Chair has 250,000 Democrats in her district alone and 18 different House Districts overlapping into the boundaries.

    It will be painful to watch Palin over the next 66 days.

    • Janna

      The Mayor of Wasilla (or Medford for that matter) has more executive experience that Barack Obama…who has only had one measly Senate term under his belt. You just proved my point for me and last I saw McCain was at the top of the ticket Honestly Palin has the most EXECUTIVE experience of the lot

      • dean

        Janna…governing ALaska is making decisions about how to spend a whole lot of oil and gas money…how much to libraries (every little village has an outstanding library) and how much to send back to the citizens in the form of checks. When Palin finds out that in the rest of America, the government TAKES money from the people to SPEND on stuff in places like Alaska (i.e. undecessary bridges) she is going to be amazed.

        • Jerry

          Gosh. That’s deep, deep wisdom there. I bet she has never even thought about any other states or their peoples for decades. She has no grasp on the mighty struggle most of us have just to put gas in our SUVs, DVDs in our players, and more food on our tables than we need.

          If only we could all live in Alaska – land of the free money. And, thanks to global warming, some darn nice weather, too.

          But I thought that is what lib dems always wanted – free money for the many downtrodden peoples. Alaska is doing what it can to help. That is more than Oregon is doing. Alaska is KING!

          I am happy for the many peoples of Alaska and hope they get so many free monies that others will be jealous, quit working, and move there.

          Keen, keen insight. Keen indeed.

          But, remember, Joe Biden has only been in Delaware for the past 40 years or more – so what does he know about the rest of the country? That Delaware – they make millions on business licensing due to their corrupt, lax rules and laws. Billions actually. That state has it made! Most don’t even work there – they just get free money from all the corporations and yacht owners who register in Wilmington. Plus, it is so small no one even knows it is there or even how to get there if they wanted to. Most Oregon high school graduates can not place it on a map. Neither can Alaska graduates – they are too busy counting their free money.

          This is fun! Is there a course I can take to get this kind of deep, deep insight?? Maybe on line? Or maybe at U of O? I must sign up now. I hope I can get reduced tuition.

          • dean

            Jerry…well one intetresting thing is that none of us knows what she has or has not thought about with respect to the world outside of Alaska. She has no record, has done few interviews, has taken no positions beyond abortion (it should be banned anywhere and everywhere) and oil drilling (it should be allowed anywhere and everywhere). It may turn out she is a genius who has read all the books, consulted the experts, and has formed wise opinions on the big issues of the day. It may turn out she is an intelligent woman, decent governor, and good person who is way out of her depth. McCain met her all of once, and apparently that was enough for her to pass his judgement. Let’s see how she does in the spotlight.

            As for Biden…he is FROM Delaware, but he does not GOVERN Delaware. He has been immersed in national and international issues for the past nearly 40 years.

            And no Jerry…there is no course I could recommend to you, because even the best course at the best university with the best teachers would not help you. You would be sitting in the back of the room smirking through it all, confident that your pinched world view was all you ever needed. Your cup runneth over my friend.

          • Jerry

            Wow – total immersion. That will help. Now if we could just get the guy to be honest we’d be OK.

            I think I prefer someone of sound character over someone who has been immersed.

            Remember, when you are a senator you can hide behind the other 99 all day long. No buck ever stops with those guys.
            When chief executive you have no such luxury.
            Anyway, we shall see.

            I would choose PSU I think, for my refresher course, as they were ranked 532 out of 569 by Forbes. That is some strong showing. I am sure they could help me. Positive, in fact.

          • cc

            “As for Biden…he is FROM Delaware, but he does not GOVERN Delaware.”

            Ah, dean; arguing with no one again – and IN CAPS, no less. Who said Biden GOVERNED Delaware, pray tell?

            So, in your convenient, temporary reality, Biden has absolutely nothing to do with the state he represents? I’d say that’s a pretty poor resume’ for a Senator, wouldn’t you?

            BTW, Biden is actually FROM Scranton, PA, but don’t let FACTS get in your way.

    • Crawdude

      Another Blue Oregon drone, lol, lol!

    • Jerry

      Oh, the pain.
      It will be great to watch her stumble and see Joe rise to great hieghts.

  • Anonymous

    dean supports Biden for obvious reasons:

    1) both talk a lot, but say little

    2) neither lets the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about dissuade him from talking.

    3) both left their home state to bother other folks

    4) both clearly disrespect women

    5) both “embellish” their educational backgrounds

    I must say, however, that Biden is much, much funnier than dean – intentionally or otherwise.

    I look forward to the VP debate and to the Bidenisms sure to come.

    • dean

      Yes….of course. Not being sold on Governor Palin means I disrespect women. And all the women who are not sold on Palin also disrespect women. Brilliant. Also technically what I am doing here is called W-R-T-I-N-G, not T-A-L-K-I-N-G. What you are doing is called W-A-N-K-I-N-G.

      Biden has as much to do with GOVERNING Deleware as Gordon Smith has to do with GOVERNING Oregon. Which is to say zero. They may bring home some bacon or not. Other than that their job description is to represent their state populations in national policy….period. Look it up.

      Jerry…PSU is a good choice. Conveniently located on a streetcar line, soon to be on light rail as well, so you won’t have to drive your Explorer. I’m scheduled to teach there next winter. You could take my course, though it is not about national politics. Still….glad to have heckling in the back. Maybe I could send you to the principal’s office?

  • Anonymous

    Palin in CNBC interview.

    She’s intelligent, reasonable and very skilled.

    • dean

      Reasonable…as in open to reason with respect to a girl or woman being forced by the government to bring a fetus to term against her will, even if she became pregnant as a result of rape or incest? How would she reason that one out?

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s twisted logic that merely running for office provides him with the qualifications, experience and credentials to perform in that office, is as laughable as his twisted logic that a whirlwind 9 day, six country, overseas photo op qualifies him as an expert on foreign policy. Obama is an empty suit who is obviously trying to create the illusion that he is something that he is not. If its a choice between an experienced mayor and Governor, with an approval rating of 80% for V.P. versus. a community organizer, and junior senator, who spent most of his time in office running for President … I choose Palin. No Wright, no Farrakahn, no Ayers, no Rezko, no mean Michelle, NOBAMA

    P.S. It’s also hunorous how the media is now asking McCain if he vetted Palin, when the media totally dropped the ball in vetting Obama … that’s why we found out after the fact about Wright, Rezko, Ayers, and the rest of the nut jobs closely associated with Obama.

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