Oregon College Rankings Revisited

Many readers seemed perplexed that Oregon so consistently ranks poorly in the rankings from US News and the Wall Street Journal, so to be fair, let’s take a look at how we ranked in the very newest survey from Forbes Magazine.

Forbes ranked 569 undergraduate institutions based on the quality of the education they provide and how much the students achieve. The rankings were based on 25% of the rankings on 7 million student evaluations of courses and instructors, as recorded on the Web site RateMyProfessors.com. Another 25% depended on how many of the school’s alumni, adjusted for enrollment, are listed among the notable people in Who’s Who in America.
The other half of the ranking is based equally on three factors: the average amount of student debt at graduation held by those who borrowed; the percentage of students graduating in four years; and the number of students or faculty, adjusted for enrollment, who have won nationally competitive awards like Rhodes Scholarships or Nobel Prizes.

Using this criteria (I know, it really isn’t fair at all) here is how Oregon colleges and universities ranked out of 569 in the nation.

64 Reed College

131 George Fox University

170 Lewis and Clark College

184 Pacific University

210 Willamette University

246 Linfield College

287 University of Oregon

443 Corban College

522 Oregon State University

532 University of Portland

Top half of the nation from Linfield on up. Not bad, not bad at all.

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  • Frank

    Before that 21 year old UO Science Student pipes up (or for that matter, the deranged dean and error-filled & blind eagle eye) let me say the obvious: this is just one of many comparison studies that rank schools. Of course it has flaws (student surveys account for 25%?), but the overall trends are not unlike the other comparisons that also show Oregon schools as fairly mediocre.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. Mediocre, I mean. As long as Oregon ranks Number ONE in teacher benefits, who really cares how the schools perform?

  • David

    “Not bad????” How blind are you? We don’t even have one college or university in the top 50 (let alone top 20), and our state institutions come in way, way down the line. It’s a shame and an embarassment, and a clear sign that Oregonians do not value education or the many, many benefits that go along with it. Small wonder our economy is floundering — if we cannot produce cutting-edge graduates, we will not produce cutting-edge companies. There is no better attribute than well-educated.

  • kjl

    Portland State University?

    • Jerry

      You have to understand. They have a lot of problems. This ranking reflects those many problems.

      Please try to understand.

      • UO nobody

        Not a high-flying science student, not a prof. Just a library user.

        But I have a question.

        Is our blogger the same Jerry Dawson whose book “Sales 101” is rated
        2,412,562 in sales at amazon.com? That’s right, 2,412,562.

        Isn’t this kind of mediocre? Not in the top 20, not even the top 500.


        • Jerry

          Thanks for the mention. With your help I might be able to do better! Every little bit helps.

          Thanks again.

          • UO nobody

            With my help you should crack the top million in no time!

  • Jerry

    I checked again and again – PSU is simply not on the list – which means it did not make the top 569 in the nation.

    Here, is what Forbes said about the list:

    “It is important to remember that if a school appears on this list at all, that indicates it meets a certain level of quality.”

    So, to be ranked at all is something. To not make the list is something else. There are 10,000 colleges in the US according to allcollege.org, so many others did not make this list, either.

  • mpower

    These rankings are highly subjective and somewhat meaningless. However, the rankings do reflect a general perception of reputation and quality, and it is in this manner that OR suffers. Ask anyone outside the PNW to cite a strong (world-class) academic program in Oregon (or Washington)… you’ll likely get a blank stare. For all of the success and global reach attributed to OR business, this success (economy) has not been leveraged to the benefit of OR’s higher education system at any level, with the possible exception of the U of O athletic department.

    The “highly ranked” OR schools (private) are very small and unknown both within and outside the PNW region. The well-known schools (state schools) are at the bottom of the list. Subjective or not, this list is fairly embarrassing for Oregon.

    Oregon has some great stadiums and arenas for it’s students and alumni, but diplomas should probably be worth more than season tickets, yes? It’s not a matter of money… it is a matter of priority.

  • eagle eye

    Why should anyone be surprised at this?

    Actually, 8 in the top 500 is better than I would expect, given Oregon’s small size, obscurity, and lack of interest in higher education.

    How many Fortune 500 companies does Oregon have? One, I believe.

    Looks like Oregon higher ed is performing a lot better than Oregon’s underachieving business class.

    • Harry

      Close… Oregon has two:
      Nike #153
      Precision Castparts #444

      Also close are:
      Lithia Motors #622
      StanCorp Finl #727
      Schnitzer Steel #757
      PGE #962

      And, yes, Oregon is about where it should be. Middle of the pack.

      • eagle eye

        Glad that Oregon has two Fortune 500 companies.

  • Not A Friend

    NONE of the Oregon schools are anywhere close to a UC Berkley or UCLA or Cal Tech ON ANY LEVEL. They are all THIRD RATE SCHOOLS for those that don’t know better.

    • eagle eye

      Well how would anyone in their right mind expect them to be on that level?

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