Town Hall: Health Board wants to raise your taxes

By Jason Williams

The Oregon Health Fund Board is going around the state trying to figure out which tax to raise to pay for new costly health care mandates. Some of the taxes include a payroll tax and digging up the dead cigarette tax which was killed by voters last November.

If you do not want higher taxes then feel free to contact the Oregon Health Fund Board here and email them. Or even better show up to one of their (how can we tax you) town hall meetings. See Schedule below.

Monday Sept 8th
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd.

Tues. Sept. 9th
Central Oregon Community College
Hitchcock Auditorium
2600 NW College Way

City of Hillsboro Civic Auditorium
150 E. Main St.

Wed. Sept. 10th
Medford City Council Chambers
411 West 8th St. Ste. 312

Thursday Sept. 11th
Mt. Hood Community College
Visual Arts Th eatre
26000 SE Stark St.

Lane Community College
4000 E. 30th Ave.
Building 19, Room 202

Monday Sept 15th
First Congregational United Church of Christ
Hunnington Hall
700 Marion St. NE

Tuesday, Sept 16th
First Presbyterian Church
1308 Washington Ave.

Wed. Sept 17th
Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan
333 NW 35th St.

Thursday, Sept 18th
Atonement Lutheran Church
2315 N. Coast Hwy.

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  • Rick Hickey

    Look at Obama’s state Illinois. Over $1 Billion/yr. now for “Free” health care for Kids and reports that over 60% are Illegal Aliens, similar situation in Washington as well. Reports say that they did not qualify for FED programs because of immigration “status”.

    They want you to pay even more for the care of people that should not be here and ignore inflated numbers of those without insurance as many many are Illegals that prefer to send their money home, not on Insurance. Bank of Mexico, remittances in July from workers here = $2 Billion, that money could have gone to Health insurance.

    Illegal’s use Fake ID & do not pay their DR. bill either, so we do.

    Conspiracy? Church for Salem mtg. publicly supported Amnesty Marchs for Illegals last year, hmmmm.

    Health care solution? E-Verify mandatory and Employer’s are forced to hire only Americans & legal immigrants and 3rd world desperate Labor pool dries up and we get more pay & Benefits and insurance rates & care costs go down.

    Mike Erickson, I think would vote Yes on S.A.V.E. Act (E-Verify law)sitting in Pelosi’s lap and Kurt Shrader would probably vote no, hello?

  • BlagodaruVas

    Благодарю уважаемую администрацию за очень интересный проект! Желаю вам успешного развития и побольше посетителей 😉

  • Joe

    If only someone could help me pay for my medical dope. Please.

  • kehyhuba

    I enjoy reading your stuff

  • MASSAROJeanette


    A review of epidemiological data has found evidence that people who spend fewer years in school may experience a slight but statistically significant delay in the realization that they’re having cognitive problems that could be Alzheimer’s disease.



  • The_Football_Maniac


    Yes this is me ranting but with the cost of my season ticket going up this season (again), ginormous sums of cash being tossed around by Arabian oil magnates and American insurance salesmen in an attempt to buy the title / Champions League and Sky’s nauseating coverage, it seemed to me that the guys behind this site have got a decent idea.

    It’s a campaign to see a salary cap introduced in European football and to be honest, I think it makes some very good points.

    The argument is put forward very well, it’s got support from some pretty high-profile corners and it seems to be a campaign that has the game as a whole at heart.

    Put simply, there are too many clubs running up ginormous amounts of debts to pay unsustainably high salaries to players whilst at the same time, the big names are able to cream the best of the talent to the detriment of the competition.

    The site is Footballers wages and personally, I support the idea of having a salary cap. It works in other sports and not only will it save some clubs from themselves, but it might at least bring football back to being a contest decided on the pitch, rather than in the boardroom.


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