Allen Alley nets 10 mayor endorsements

[List from Alley Allen Campaign]

— Sid Leiken, the mayor of Springfield
— Lou Ogden (Tualatin — former Pres. of the Oregon Mayors Assc. and Vice Chair of the National League of Cities);
— Gary Wheeler (Medford);
— Todd Kellstrom (Klamath Falls);
— Lore Christopher (Keizer — former Pres.of the Oregon Mayors Assc.);
— Ken Hector (Silverton);
— Bob Quinton (John Day);
— Gary Williams (Cottage Grove — Board, Oregon League of Cities);
— Linda Streich (Hood River);
— Hank Williams (Central Point)

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  • Walter P.

    Wow… just under a dozen small-town mayors. That’s pretty lame for Alley, who has been trying to have a gravitas war with Westlund.

    Meanwhile, Westlund has the endorsements of 35 legislators (Democrat AND Republican) plus Democrat AND Republican statewide officeholders, THREE political parties, an insane number of organizations ranging from traditionally Democratic to traditionally Republican, and Alley’s former boss.

    Does Alley really want to make this race about endorsement lists?

    • Fred

      That the treasurer’s competence as head/manager of the Oregon Bond Council, the local-government short-term banking system, and state and local fiduciary accounts is directly relevant to the the performance of most municipalities in the state (not Portland) might suggest to some that these endorsements are more relevant than those of a bunch of politicians. It will be interesting to see what happens at the Oregon Municipal Finance Officers’ meeting next month.

    • Josh Reynolds

      Endorsements are fairly overrated, but having said that mayor’s have much higher name ID and respect in their cities than state legislators. I have often wondered why candidates do not seek the endorsements from mayor’s around the state. As for republican endorsements, Westlund is a former republican that has been running for Treasurer for a while when he decided to seek these endorsements.

      I also would not call Medford and Springfield small towns in Oregon. Both are 2 of the 10 largest cities in the state.

  • John Fairplay

    “Republican statewide officeholders”

    I did not realize that Gordon Smith – Oregon’s only statewide Republican officeholder – had endorsed Ben Westlund. That IS impressive.

    Given how much voters love and respect politicians, Westlund looks to be in great shape.

    • Walter P.

      Norma Paulus endorsed Westlund, duh. Not to mention two former Republican House Speakers. (Though with how far Gordon Smith is having to run away from the Republican party, it wouldn’t suprise me.)

      And given how much voters love and respect corporate millionares that send their jobs to China, I’m sure Alley is in good shape too, right?

  • Rick Hickey

    Hmmm, carrer Politician whose job is too spend every Tax $$$ he can so he can help increase Government spending every session, and boy do they-Westlund, OR successful Businessman who understands efficiency, had to to survive, via least amount of spending as possible-Alley. Treasurer for the state? Alley, by far, has actually earned this position.

    Democrat Gov., S.O.S., Treasurer, B.O.L.I. head, A.G., Super. of Schools, House & Senate?????

    Checks & balances? Even you moderate Democrats should help us with some balance here, for once. Or do you just want the spending spree to increase?

    That goes for Erickson vs. Schrader as well, doesn’t it?

    • Walter

      Rick, as much as I love your near-grasp of the English language, you’re a tad wrong on this one.

      FACT: Ben Westlund CUT more money from the Oregon state budget than ANYONE in history. Period! (Read the budget from the 2002 sessions!)

      FACT: Alley’s campaign is spending more each month than it takes in. (Check OREStar on the SoS website!)

      FACT: Alley never overran the budget for Pixelworks because he famously never bothered to establish a budget! (Oregon Business Magazine, Nov 2001)

      FACT: Disgruntled investors of Alley’s blasted his lavish expenses at a shareholders’ meeting in 2006 and complained that his “shareholders have suffered” and called for Pixelworks to be sold off. (July 27, 2006)

      It’s like you’re making wild accusations without knowing ANYTHING about the candidates.

  • Jay Bozievich

    I have met both Allen and Ben, I have an Allen Alley for State Treasurer bumper sticker on my car. Allen is thoughtful man who has made payrolls and put his own wealth at risk in building a company that produces an actual product. What has Ben done?

    Ben did advocate for passing an amendment to the Oregon Constitution to make health care a right. Something that is so antithetical to what true human rights are that his basic lack of understanding that no person has a right to anothers time and treasure makes him totally unsuited to be Mayor of even a small town in Alaska let alone State Treasurer.

    • Walter again

      That’s a laugh… Alley paid himself millions while the Pixelworks stock was tanking. Some “risk.”

      Sometimes he’d move jobs offshore and then excercise stock options right afterwards to personally benefit from the short term bump in value.

      As for Westlund, read the bend Bulletin from July 12. Westlund created and sold several businesses at a profit. One was a venture that he and his partners lost money on, so Westlund used part of his OWN share to cover their losses. Now THAT’S taking a risk.

  • Bo

    Westlund got the mayor’s endorsements from…
    Jim Pickens, Debtville
    Sally Soothers, Taxnspendberg

    The third mayor endorsement had to be pulled because the town went into bankruptcy.

    Too bad.

    • What is Bo Talking About???

      Bo, since you seem to be on the ball, please tell me the name of anyone who has cut more from the Oregon state budget than Ben Westlund did in 2002.

      • Fred

        Does anyone commenting on this blog care about the actual responsibilities of the state treasurer? The treasurer manages the state’s cash, issues bonds, and manages financial assets in various fiduciary accounts. These are very important tasks. But the treasurer has nothing to do with budgets, aside from the formulation and execution of the treasury department’s.

  • JessseO

    Huh. 10 mayors out of 241. Er, wow?

  • Big K

    Quality over quantity. : )

    • John L.

      I dunno. Looks like Westlund’s got Alley beat on quantity AND quality. Seriously: The Mayor of John Day? Is Alley running for Dogcatcher or State-freaking-Treasurer?

      It looks like Alley wanted to announce Sid Leiken’s endorsement and then listed 9 other people so the press release wouldn’t fail completely.

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