Lars Larson on The Party of Can’t

Have the Democrats become the party of “can’t”?

Sitting at the Republican Convention in St. Paul, it struck me. The Democrats have become the party of “you can’t”. As in, “we’re going to protest in the streets to interfere as much as possible because you can’t be allowed to elect another president.”

You can’t name a woman with children as a vice-presidential choice. A woman who has only run a city and the largest state in America can’t possibly be the second in command of America.

You can’t drill for oil. You can’t liberate a country. You can’t take down a lethal dictator. You can’t win a war. You can’t succeed with a surge strategy.

We’ll let me answer with a few “can’ts” of my own. You can’t refuse to supply the oil that America needs to survive. You can’t spend all those lives and blood in Iraq and then surrender when you are winning. You say you believe in women’s rights, so you can’t stop a woman who believes in family, state, her abilities and herself.

And after watching a FOX News reporter interviewing a bunch of you this morning, you can’t even identify the pictures of America’s political leaders””even the ones in your own party.
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