Liberal Couple from Eugene with Second Doubts

Let’s join our liberal couple from Eugene once again. They are driving their Volvo (remember, they must sell it because the evil Big Auto company called Ford owns Volvo) to the Smart car dealer to make a deposit.

After seeing and feeling first-hand the devastation and destruction and impracticality of wind power, they have decided to stick to something proven — gasoline — but to do so in a way that minimizes global warming — hence the Smart car choice. “We’ll show those Big Oil fools with our 41 MPG highway rating,” Benton says to Therri, his loving wife of 10 years. “And our plan not to have children (the planet is way, way too crowded and will soon run out of food) fits perfectly with the two-seater design of the Smart”, adds Benton.

Therri then says, “Benton — something has been troubling me lately — we need to talk.” Benton, always the careful one, pulls over to the side of the road so they can talk without distractions.

“What could be troubling you, Therri?” Benton asks.

“Well, it’s the way the media is treating Governor Sarah Palin,” she explains. “Something just doesn’t seem right. They are questioning her experience when she has actually run both a town and a state. They seem to imply she is not ready to become president should that be necessary, but somehow Barack is ready with his community organizing background and all his “present” votes when he was in the state legislature. He has missed almost half of all the votes taken in the Senate since he was elected, too.”

“Well, Therri, you can’t expect the man to be everywhere!” explains Benton. “He is a man with a vision, our vision, of change, of hope, of fresh beginnings, of new approaches. He can not be troubled with actually doing anything — he is busy running for the highest office in the land. Besides, look at the masterful way he is running his campaign. That is plenty of experience for being president. It is not easy to run a great campaign.”

“I know,” sighs Therri, “but to suggest Sarah Palin is somehow a bad mother because she accepted the nomination to vice president seems wrong. No one said Barack was ignoring his children when he decided to leave them and criss-cross our country for months on end. It just doesn’t seem right and it bothers me. I am a woman, too, and I must say, to try to hurt her simply because she is a female seems unjust.”

“Well, honey, we have to vote for Barack no matter what,” suggests Benton. “He is the man with the vision and the man who said the surge was a success even though he was against it from the very beginning. Plus, he is very, very brave and even, by his own admission, once considered joining the military. That takes a lot of courage – the US was not engaged in any conflicts at the time he considered joining, and he still did not join, but at least he bravely considered joining. Compare that to John McCain, you know, what he did.”

“But what about his broken promise on the campaign funds issue?” shouts Therri. He PROMISED to take public financing for his campaign. He promised. Now he has completely changed his mind, gone back on that promise, and is trying to get money from everyone and everywhere he can — maybe even from that bad Tony man who helped him get his house for less than anyone else ever could have.”

“Well, everyone gets a little help from their friends now and then,” explains Benton. “Remember that time we got some money from your dad to buy the Volvo? And he is not perfect — not by a long shot — that capitalist old fool — working for Walmart upper management, of all places. Man, we never should have cashed that check.”

“Ok, fair enough,” whispers Therri. ” But what about Barack’s repeated voting to allow the killing of a baby that survives a failed abortion? You know I favor a woman’s right to choose, but isn’t it a bit much to say that a baby, born healthy and alive, should be killed by doctors simply because the mother doesn’t want it? I know life begins only in the third trimester, but I am pretty sure life is going full tilt in the fourth trimester. It seems like murder to me.”

Benton responds, “Remember, Therri, Barack said questions about life and killing the unborn are way above his pay grade. He simply doesn’t know and I applaud him for admitting that he doesn’t know. This type of honesty is refreshing – very few people in American would admit to being completely ignorant and incapable of answering such fundamental questions.”

“Hey, Benton,” says an annoyed Therri. “And what about Oprah saying no an interview with Sarah? That really doesn’t seem right. She fawned all over Obama — but now says no to a woman? I am simply disgusted with that kind of blatant unfairness. I am going to join the boycott against Oprah. How can she be so unfair?”

“But it is Oprah’s show,” states Benton. “I guess if she wants to lock out someone who scares her and scares Obama, she should. They have to do everything they can to win. You can’t blame them. They are very afraid of the McCain ticket now.”

“But Oprah had Barack on her show several times!” shouts Therri.

“Honey, honey. Hold on now,” Benton sternly warns. We are not going to vote for anyone other than Barack and that fabulous Joe Biden. You promised me that at the big rally on the waterfront in Portland where we were mesmerized by Barack’s intelligence. You are not going to vote against Barack, are you? You said he gave you a tingle up your leg.”

“No honey, I don’t think so” explains Therri. “I just keep having these nagging doubts that not everything about Barack is so clear now. And I really don’t like the way Sarah has been treated. Even Barack’s campaign has been mean to her just because of her sex. I am just saying it is not fair and I am not as convinced as I was on that glorious day on the sparkling Willamette.”

“Well, I guess we can talk about this more some other time,” suggests Benton. “I see the Smart guy coming this way, and it’s not Obama. It’s the car salesman. I hope we have enough for the deposit – I don’t want to have to ask your dad for more money.”

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  • Bob Clark

    Wish I could laugh, Jerry, but I live in a deep blue inner southeast district of Portland, near Reed College, and your story teams around my everyday life. One part of your story I don’t see happening much in my brain-dead-yuppie neighborhood is the wife questioning her husband’s liberal assumptions. I would like to move to a more moderate area, but my wife sides with the liberals. I feel more like Oliver in the T.V show “Greenacres” where the locals have a set of folklore with no factual basis, yet I am the oddball because I question this folklore.

  • Gullyborg

    one little correction. your couple are married. they should be partners, not spouses.

  • Willie Brown

    From SFGate:

    Palin floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee
    Willie Brown

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    The Democrats are in trouble. Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign.


    Palin’s speech to the GOP National Convention on Wednesday has set it up so that the Republicans are now on offense and Democrats are on defense. And we don’t do well on defense.

    Suddenly, Palin and John McCain are the mavericks and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the status quo, in a year when you don’t want to be seen as defending the status quo.

    From taxes to oil drilling, Democrats are now going to have to start explaining their positions.

    Whenever you start having to explain things, you’re on defense.

    I actually went back and watched Palin’s speech a second time. I didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 a.m. I had to make sure I got the lines right.

    Her timing was exquisite. She didn’t linger with applause, but instead launched into line after line of attack, slipping the knives in with every smile and joke.

    And she delivered it like she was just BS-ing on the street with the meter maid.

    She didn’t have to prove she was “of the people.” She really is the people.

    There is one thing she should have done: announced when her 17-year-old daughter and the teenage father of the girl’s unborn child are getting married and invited all of us to the wedding. It should be like Sunday at church.

    As for Palin herself, she is going to be very, very effective on the campaign trail, especially if McCain’s people can figure out how to gently keep her from getting into confrontations with the press.

    If she can answer questions like she handled herself at the convention, Palin will turn out to be the most interesting person in all of politics, and the press will treat her like they treated Obama when he was first discovered.

    And remember, the Palin bandwagon needs to roll for only two months.

    By the way, a note to John McCain: Get rid of the suits.

    McCain is best with an open collar, his sleeves rolled up and in a Western shirt.

    He doesn’t come off well in suits at all.

    They make him look old.

    And Cindy – keep the hair up.

  • Anonymous

    Gallup Has McCain Up By 3%

    Zogby has McCain up by 4%

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Ok – I’ll admit I don’t have consummate knowledge of how the press treated Obama when he first came to the fore. However, any suggestion that the press will treat Palin in at all the same way as they would treat a Democrat newcomer I think is probably mistaken. As I recall, the press had to be dragged kicking and screaming to report that Obama’s campaign staff member, spiritual advisor and minister was essentially a Klansman and yet somehow within seconds we are all made well aware of every nuance of Palins daughters pregnancy.

    Call me a cynic, or note that I am over 21, I think the treatment will be a little less than fair. The first step will be insisting she is a wacko, has crazy ideas, and blowing up the slightest divergence she might have from what the press sees as conventional wisdom into some sort of Taliban like adherence to dogma. The usual litany, such as the concept that teaching some people do not believe evolution explains all things will be changed into a belief that evolution should be banned from the schools, Darwin should be burned in effigy, and any talk that Jesus is not ones saviors should be grounds for decapitation will be ascribed to her.

    Once she explains herself and people start seeing this is not true, then we will go on to standard play number two, insist that she is stupid until the election is held.

    Ford was stupid,

    Regan was stupid

    Bush 1 was stupid

    Bush 2 is stupid.

    Got the pattern down?

    It’s so predictable. Its so boring.


    Back to our Volvo driving liberal couple:

    “Gee Benton, I sure am weirded out by that “”my Muslim faith”” comment Obama made to Steph on “This Week” ”

    “Therri, I cant believe it, Obama never said anything like that he slipped ok? Here is what he said:”

    Obama – “My Christian faith,” ….. “Well, what I’m saying is that he (McCain) hasn’t suggested that I’m a Muslim. And I think that his (McCain’s) campaign’s upper echelons have not, either. What I think is fair to say is that, coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not who I say I am when it comes to my faith — something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.”

    “Ok Benton, but you know what, even if he isn’t a Muslim, what the hell is he? Some sort of Black Liberation Theology guy?”

    “Um no Therri, I think he is a Christian, he has said that pretty consistently”

    “Ok Mr. Man. I love it when you condescend to me Mr. Man. Boy, nothing wins over a woman like some weak flax seed eating, vest wearing, lactose intolerant, bad guitar playing, I like only folk music, I’m so f’ing sensitive glutinous wheat bread for me condescending Mr. Man guy”

    “But Therri????”

    “Stop crying you little whiner, you know what, I always hated that, want to know what else? Back in college when I said I loved a man who cried, I was lying, you got that?”

    “Therri, you are really destroying my space here”

    “Screw you Benton, and screw your incense laden space. Obama may not be a Muslim, but he sure as hell went to the most racist church imaginable and I’m not exactly sure how in the world that’s exactly a step up from being a Muslim. Gee Benton, lets weight it out, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m a Muslim, I don’t eat pork hmmmmmmmmm I’m a black liberation guy, I hate white people and I hate America??????? Do the math you little cant change a spare tire if your life depended on it but have read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ten freaking times guy”

    “Gosh Therri, maybe you are right”

    “Your damn right I’m right, now you better get your damn windmill spinning in the right direction. And you know what else, stop talking with that whiny high voice slow words it takes me five minutes to say anything BS. I hate that. Why don’t you stack yourself up against Mr. Palin you Mr. Sensitive whiner…….. Oh Geeee, look at me, I’m a world champion snow machine racer, I work on an oil rig, I’m hot as hell and look like I walked off a gay porn set. You got that Mr. flax seed? You want to cha cha with me when we get home you better figure out that a guy who can clean a drain is going to turn me on way more than a guy who can meditate.”

    “Therri, you make me kind of sweaty when you talk like that”

    “Got that right Mister, the next time we have a problem around the house if I see any more Alan Watts books coming out to meditate on the problem, you’re gonna get a slap. Got it? I want to see Crescent wrenches and hammers”

    “Yes Terri”

    “Figure it out bozo, we’ve got more than enough whiner guys who are good at hand wringing and saying “ahhhhh..ah……ah….ahhh”. Knowing which end of the hammer to grab starts looking like a big stud rocket scientist real quick around that”

    “Yes Therri”

    “That’s Ja Kapitan to you nitwit”

    “Dimmit woman, now I really love you”

    “You catch on quick for a lactose intolerant guy Benton”

  • dean

    Jerry’s essential premise is wrong. If they are both liberals they would not be having that conversation, or anything like it. They are figments of Jerry’s over active yet under creative imagination. Questioning whether someone who was mayor of a town of less than 9000 people 2 years ago and is now running for next in line to be president is not going to trouble any liberals I know.

    Media versus Palin. What a nice setup. Republicans have themselves worked up into a tizzy that any questions about Plain express bias. Never mind we, and that includes you, do not and cannot know much about her, so questions need to be asked by someone other than her handlers. And yes, some of those questions are going to be trick ones, gotchas, and personal. All candidates for high ofice get asked these questions. Most submit to them willingly. Palin apparently is being kept under protective cover. We will see pictures, hear stump speeches, and she will wrap herself in family yet insist there should be no questions about them. 10 weeks to go. Maybe it will work. Maybe they can put one over on the gullible percent of our voters, and then we can sit back and find out how she plans to govern the nation should McCain keel over.

    Rupert…I doubt she will be called “stupid.” She may be called “ignorant” on the issues that matter, but can duck that if she avoids the questions long enough to do sufficient cramming. Bush has repeatedly demonstrated his own intellectual laziness, and look what it wrought. McCain clearly has the brains and the knowledge, but is all over the map on the issues.

    Should be an interesting 2 months, however it turns out. I hear Palin is doing an interveiw with People Magazine, and maybe Hannity. Those should shed some dim light.

    • Jerry

      But my essential premise is not wrong. Conversations like the one I depicted are happening all over America. That is why the polls show the change to McCain.

      As to my “undercreative” imagination. There you go again – when nothing else works (like writing your own column) you resort to name-calling just like you did in grammar school, no doubt. A very strong response. That sure taught me a lesson. Thanks.

      As to your “unknowns”, I think you could answer them easily yourself if you were honest. Think about them. Let us know what you think the answers are.

  • Anonymous

    Palin is doing a Charlie Gisbson interview too.

    But how dumb can liberals be to make this absurd charge that Palin was hidng and couldn’t do well in and interview.

    There are already interviews to see.
    eg CNBC Palin interview

    Larry Kudlow interview

    It’s clear she has abundant skills for any interview, period.
    And she’ll make a fantasitc VP and President

    Gallup Has McCain Up By 3%
    Zogby has McCain up by 4%
    USA Today has McCain up by 4% among registerd voters and 10% among likely voters.

  • Gullyborg

    already 10% up among likely voters? I wonder if Dean still wants to make that bet…

    • dean

      Gully…in for a dime, in for a dollar as they say. Polls come and go. We are both stuck with that 10% or so of American voters who only slowly make up their minds, and only their personal God knows on what basis. Barak’s speech was a hit and he goes from tied to up 8 points. Sarah’s intro was a hit and now McCain is tied or up a few points.

      My prediction, made many months ago still stands. This is going to be a nail biter of an election. We have one team with serious flaws: tied to Bush, old guy at the top, unknown at the 2, and another team with serious flaws: untested at the top, Senator for life at the 2, and the always present Democratic wimp factor (lack of taste for bare knuckles politics). Unless something very serious turns up about one of the candidates, it will be within 2-4 points nationally and within 50 electoral. I think Obama has enough in his favor, or McCain enough against him, to win. That is my story and I’m sticking to it. Bet is on.

      But there are so many new factors to sort out. Will middle America vote for a black guy for president? Will the youth turnout (cell phone crowd) upend the polls? Will Palin wear well (with both sides)? Who has what on whom we have not heard yet? It will be a roller coaster 10 weeks.

      Ironically, I probably would have voted for McCain in 2000. Now he scares me. Especially given his number 2.

      • Crawdude

        Still think she is Dan Quayle squared?

        I see an aweful lot of liberals sweating on here , other sites, TV, the newspapers, etc…. I don’t think Quayle had that effect and I definitely don’t think all that is double what Quayle did.

        • dean

          Dude…I thought you were off fishing?

          I don’t think I said she was Dan Quayle squared, but I did say I thought she would end up being a drag on McCain. So far at least, it is the opposite of that. But….she is a minefield that McCain has to survive for 9 more weeks. Once they sit her down for actual interviews, who knows what may come out? She could be a quick learner. McCain needs to hope so.

          I also stand by the more important point. She ain’t qualified to be president, and therefore she ain’t qualified to be VP, and McCain is playing craps with the future of the country he claims to be looking out for first and always. But what I think on that score does not matter. Its what 51% of my fellow Americans think that will count in the end, particularly in the swing states.

          Hope you caught something tasty!

      • cc

        “Ironically, I probably would have voted for McCain in 2000. Now he scares me. Especially given his number 2.”

        No, you probably wouldn’t – just like Obamster probably didn’t really consider joining the military. Just convenient lies that roll off the lips of liberals whenever expedient.

        It’s just more of YOUR “number 2”.

        • Jerry

          The tired, lifeless, old Joe Biden scares me plenty!!

        • dean

          Yes…of course you must be right. You can read the minds of people you have never met. Fabulous talent there cc.

  • Anonymous

    of course you’re scared dean, confused people scare easily.

    I’ll wager the senior citizen vote swings strongly in favor of McCain as a result of the Palin addition. Seniors viewing McCain as the seasoned traditionalists and Palin the ray of hope that tradition is not lost.

    Along with national security it may be insurmountable for Obama and the trash machine left.

  • Harry

    Any truth to the rumor that Sen Biden is stepping down from the ticket?

    Obama and Pres Clinton are meeting 9-11-08. Slow Joe announces his illegitimate baby (born years ago), and steps off the ticket on 9-10-08. Hillary is the running mate on 9-12-08. Hillary starts planning a “Vince Foster” for Obama on 9-13-08.

    Maybe NOT just a rumor.

    • Jerry

      I sure hope it is a rumor. We need Joe on the ticket. He is so masterful and strong and experienced. A perfect counter to the man-child Barry.

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