A newspaper picture says a thousand biased words

People want fairness from their newspaper, and the recent Oregonian article this weekend featured the worst possible picture of tax activist Bill Sizemore along side a very pointed headline.

What if liberal politicians were treated the same? Here is how it would look if they covered the cigarette tax which voters rejected twice in the past seven years, not to mention last November by over 60%.

Heck, I can’t even find in my archive a picture of Kulongoski that looks as bad as the Oregonian drummed up on Sizemore.

How about the Double Majority Law? It was affirmed by voters three times, and Merkley pushed to have voters handicap it this year?

The use of terrible photos in political articles is just downright unfair and poor service to voters.

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  • Crawdude

    Typical liberal bias, they can’t argue their way out of things so they resort to grade school level tricks.

  • ms

    The liberals want change, Sizemore is fighting for change, for freedom from the liberal tyranny that is taken over our state. This guy should be hoisted to hero status among the conservative movement. He is, the only one that is truely fighting for change in Salem. and he is paying the price for it in the media. When will we wake up and see that he trying to do, what it will take to rescue this state. Whether he brings it on himself or is truely a victim of oppression he is paying the price of personal sacrifice in order to bring balance back to this state and to the conservative movement. I applaud you Bill, don’t give up! Someday you will be truely appreciated and get the respect you are due.

  • jonescreekranch

    Oregonians should stand up and applaude Bill Sizemore and his efforts. Oregonians, wake up and help this man. Do all you can to help with his fight against big, bloated, government.

  • Alan

    Interesting. Is choice a bad thing now?

  • Rep. X

    Truthfully, the diference is that Sizemore offers voters more choices and less government and teh Governor and Mr. Merkley offer fewer chocies and bigger government. Now that I think of it, Mr. Merkley is so anti-choice he doesn’t even want the privacy laws in employee elections. I think this sums up the summations.

  • Bugs

    Are you scared that a majority of voters might actual pass this double majority reform?

    And further scared a majority of voters might pass a local bond or levy?

    How dare we trust a majority of voters!

  • mcrich

    The Oregonian is very successful. I had a chance to purchase a business in Oregon and decided not to because of the current tax structure.

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