Another poor newspaper photo

On the day of Sarah Palin’s speech this Oregon newspaper editorial really criticized her. Fair enough, but what with the ugly darkened photo of a person who is very photogenenic? This was the day the country was being introduced to Sarah, why go overboard in mud slinging when there is plenty of time in the campaign for that.

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  • Crawdude

    Anyone who has seen her, knows that she is very easy on the eyes. When biased, liberal rags like this print kibble like this, it shows their fangs to the voters. More people are apt to consider voting for the GOP ticket due to ploys like this, liberals are their own worst enemies.

  • Anonymous

    The Oregonian using that caricature of a haggard Palin is typical and is yet another example of their conniving dishonesty.

    No doubt Reinhard is having an increasinlgy tough time pretending to have any respect for his peers.

  • CHris McMullen

    Did they scrutinize Biden or Obama for that matter? I’d like to see just how much the Zero looked into Barry”s sleazy south Chicago political contacts.

    I really hate Portland…

  • Jerry

    Remember, folks, the Oregonian is destroying itself. Slowly, but most surely, as they lay off “reporters”, watch their ad revenue dwindle, see their newprint costs rise, and their readership fall. This happens to them, by degrees, each and every day of the year – with no positive upticks of any kind whatsoever.

    They are almost irrelevant. There are still people who need hand-holding and look to the Oregonian for advice, but you can count them on one hand.

    The jig is up. The emperor has not a single stitch of clothing.

    What is really great about all this is that Sarah Palin has accomplishe more for others in her short political career than the Oregonian could ever hope to do. Ever.

    So, I say write on! Keep it up. It won’t be long and Carlos Slim will be buying up the remants for 5 cents on the dollar, or less.

    Oh, and to be so proud!

  • dean

    Poor beseiged…ever aggreived conservatives. CAn get cut a break from the evil media.

    How about dealing with substance every now and then? Is every photo of Governor Plain supposed to be in just the right light?

  • Anonymous


    What a jerk. If you can’t even aknowledge the pic is deliberatley haggard then shut the hell up.

    How about you deal with real substance instead of your fantasies and propganda the O routinely dishes out.

    • dean

      Poor beseiged…ever aggreived mr or ms anonymous. Can’t get cut a break from the evil dean.

      I have no idea if the picture is deliberately anything. No one looks cute and perky 24/7, I don’t care how “photogenic” they are. I imagine there are lots of pictures of Governor Palin looking less than her best. Sometimes McCain looks particulary old. Sometimes Obama looks snooty. Sometimes Palin will look scared and confused (as she did tonight in the Gibson interview when asked what the Bush Doctrine was. Answer…”His world view?” Buzzer sound. Wrong. Back to the breifing books ).

      Now if ALL the Oregonian does is run “hagard” pictures of Palin from now to election day, you might have something to whine about. But even then, are we expected to vote for her because she is attractive? That is a qualification for vice president? Grow up.

      • cc

        “…beseiged…ever aggreived…” X2




        Back to the 6th grade spelling book, dean.

        “How about dealing with substance every now and then? Is every photo of Governor *Plain* supposed to be in just the right light?”

        …and while your at it, watch your Freudian slips, you sexist, name-calling hack.

        How about dealing with your own obvious shortcomings before presuming to judge others?

        How about actually knowing what you’re talking about before talking, for once?

        How about staying on topic for more than one sentence per comment – that’s assuming you get even one right)?

  • Anonymous


    You really are stupid. It’s not a photo, it’s a sketch. A deliberately hagard caricature. Typical O and typical liberal.

    And more obvious nonsense,,,

    “But even then, are we expected to vote for her because she is attractive?”

    Gee dean I don’t know did you hear that somewhere? Or did it your juvenile mind dream that up? She more qualified than Obama but n the bottom of our ticket.

    So go on your way inflating the petty like you did with the Bush Doctrine Q. As if her lack of familliarity with the Bush Doctrine would remain and then come into here tasks as VP.

    You’re as big a fool as the left has. Huffington like actually.

    • dean

      Yes…stupid. Did you bother to read the original post here? Try doing so and then go back to your cave.

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