Better Short Your XM/Sirius

In case you haven’t noticed, XM/Sirius, the newly merged monster satellite radio company, is in big trouble. It is now a penny stock worth less than $1.00 per share. It was once worth $60 a share (2000). And here is why.

Bigger is not always better. More channels are not always better. Subscriptions that cost upwards of $10 a month to listen to stations full of ads are not always better. Switching from commercial-free to chock full of commercials on almost all the available stations is not always better. Depending on new car sales for new customers is not always better.

If you are asked to sign up for a year, or longer, subscription, best make sure you get a guarantee that they will still be broadcasting. Those birds cost money to keep aligned up there in geo-synchronous orbit. As more and more subscribers, myself included, refuse to renew just to hear more and more ads, Sirius/FM revenue will continue to plummet, just like the satellites will when they run out of money to keep them up!