Video of the week: McCain illiteracy. Obama Sex Ed.

Here is the Obama hit on McCain for not knowing how to use a computer:

Below this is McCain’s hit on Obama for sex education for kindergartners.

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  • Bob Clark

    We’re into the ugly stage of the election where ads are half truths, bordering on lies. But the ugliest ads, by far, are those in the Merkley-Smith Senate race. This race is one of those races I wish voters had the “none-of-the-above” option where if “none-of-the-above” should win, neither candidate or primary candidates could be seated and furthermore, they would be eliminated from running in a subsequent replacement election.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Yeah, OOooohhhhhhh, McCain is an idiot….Oooohhhhh, he is so stupid. Wow, that’s really going to work. Lets check out some other stupid guys shall we?

    Ronald Regan, he was always called stupid. He was so stupid and out of touch. Remember when he used to do the hard of hearing thing with the press? Always pretended he couldn’t hear the question and walked away. Yep, they called him stupid and old. Ok, when my grandmother pulled that trick on me, I kind of figured it out half way through high school. the press never did.

    George Bush 2, he’s so stupid, he’s really stupid. That was always a real tough argument to make when he was running against Al Gore, maybe a little easier when running against Kerry. Oh gee, wait, both those guys got beat, by a stupid guy. Oh, and wait, I guess Bush was so incredibly stupid but yet at the same time smart enough to fool the entire world and just about everyone in the House and the Senate about WMD’s to psyche them out and pull off the hoax of the century and get us into a war to avenge his daddy. Yeah right.

    So now McCain is stupid, he cant send email, he doesn’t know what a computer is, wow, how original, I’m so impressed.

    You know whenever I am in a commie lib group and the stupid thing comes up I love to do the

    “Yeah yeah, he’s stupid blah blah blah blah” thing in a really bored voice and then make this mouth yammering gesture with my hand, sort of opening and closing it real fast like a duck bill, preferably as close to their face as possible. You know that sign?

    Its amazing, it really stops the stupid thing right in its tracks and just makes people so mad they want to punch you.

    Try it on your wife sometime, I guarantee she will get really mad.

    Now, here’s the strategy, do it with a commie lib, but let them do the stupid thing until just after the next round of drinks arrives. Then do the “blah blah blah” thing, accompanied with the hand gesture and maybe some looking away and eye rolling. I guarantee you, nine times out of ten they will get so pissed off they will use a four letter word at you and walk away. The neat thing is, most of the time they leave their drink. You get a whole free drink, and dispose of a commie lib in one stroke, neat huh?

    That’s why you don’t do this with your wife, she throws the drink at you and you are probably paying for her drinks anyway.

  • John in Oregon

    I noticed something interesting with these two commercials viewed together. Taken as a whole they show just how far inside the Obama decision loop the McCain campaign is presently operating. I have spoken about the decision loop, the OODA loop, else where so I won’t go into detail about that.

    First the McCain commercial which notes accurately that Obama supports sex education for 4 and 5 year olds. The Obama campaign correctly points out that he said age appropriate. The problem for Obama is the age appropriate argument is completely irrelevant.

    Most American people, certainly, most American parents believe that childhood is a time of innocence. An innocence under attack by explicit television and the demands of stranger danger. To teach that Sally has two mommies and Johnny has a wee-wee is just another intrusion on innocence. One imposed from above. Please just let Johnny and Sally be children for now. I that toooooo much to ask??

    Now the Obama commercial which attacks McCain for not knowing how to use a computer or email. The appeal is that McCain is old fashioned, out of date, not with the times. But what it really shows is that Obama is a snob, the guns and bible comment all over again. Its astonishing that the media and Obamas campaign have no idea of the self inflicted damage they are doing to themselves.

    The commercial shows a lack of basic research the Obama campaign should have done. Worse is that having served with McCain for two years in the Senate he should be well aware that due to the torture injures McCain is physically unable to use a keyboard.

    In McCains shoes I would let the Obama commercials run, then only near the end respond as follows.

    Voice over: John McCain was held prisoner of war and tortured while serving his country.

    Two McCain staffers talking; Yes its true that McCain cannot use a computer or email because of his torture injures.

    John McCain speaks: I believe that every American has something to contribute in spite of physical limitations or handicap. It is a life I have lived and you will have an advocate in the White Hours.

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