Gibson the Loser

Great interview Charlie. You really showed everyone just how smart you journalist types are. And so very polite. You did everything you possibly could to try to intentionally trip up Sarah, but you failed.

You also failed the journalism test. You were not supposed to be the star of the interview. Your job is not to attempt to make people look foolish. Your job is not to have your silly little glasses perched out on your silly little nose looking as effeminate as possible. Your job is not to pretend to know more than the person you are interviewing, especially when you do not.

However, and let us be clear on this, I hope you and others in the left-wing media keep it up. Every single time you act unprofessionally toward Sarah people notice it and they don’t side with you. They side with her. So, your ineptitude and inability to perform your job without prejudice is actually helping the very person you are trying to destroy. Nice work. Good job. Please continue.

I find it amusing that “journalists” think of themselves as oh so very smart and oh so very, very important. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have not accomplished a single thing in your life that actually matters to anyone else. Your haughty, supercilious manner is not becoming someone who is so smart and great and wonderful. Your mommy must be very proud, Charlie. Very proud.