Portland liberals ran as fiscal conservatives?

Progressive candidates Jefferson Smith & Mary Nolan use fiscal taxpayer issues in the campaign and showed huge gains among voters.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

One of the biggest surprises of the Portland Mayor race was Jefferson Smith who received nearly 30% of the vote and beat out Eileen Brady who got 24% of the vote after spending over a million dollars (more than the other two candidates combined). . It was Jefferson Smith who ran television ads against wasting tax dollars on the Columbia River Crossing bridge and another ad touting his saving taxpayer dollars by cutting middle management waste from the state budget and another ad touting budget transparency & wasted ratepayer dollars. Every complaint against Brady (in the rumor circuit) from many different voices always included her support for the $60 million eco-boondoggle sustainability center that taxpayers and both Democrats and Republican leaders have disliked. Charlie Hales got the most votes at 38% but that is expected as a Former Portland Commissioner.

City Commissioner and incumbent Amanda Fritz got stuck in a tie with challenger Mary Nolan. Taking out an incumbent is difficult and Mary Nolan almost did it with her two TV ads, one attacking Fritz for “wasting money” and the other for Fritz wasting tax dollars on a 911 mismanagement problem.    Interestingly, many consider Nolan more liberal than Fritz and yet the campaign Nolan chose to run was one of taxpayer issues and budget management.

Nolan and Smith could have run on raising taxes or followed Obama by saying other Oregonians should pay more. They didn’t. Instead they made fiscal management a top campaign issue. If they win in November and actually live it out in office what they ran on they will find Portland a better city and bring taxpayers great relief.

  • Bob Clark

    What a fraud.  Once in office, the facade of being fiscally prudent will no doubt quickly give way to the normal progressive public money spending orgy behavior.  Especially, with “pipe dream chasing”, juvenile governance oriented Jefferson Smith.  Smith is the hopey/changey community organizer guy.  Hales ain’t much better but has the plus of having more life experience. 

  • You put out opinions with no supporting evidence. Do you have any numbers that back up your comments about Nolan’s ads?

  • Tom

    Anyone can get elected promising to save money.  And anyone can find some wasted money to rant about.  The trick for conservatives is to show the voters why some expensive problems are not solvable merely by throwing more money at them.

    One example we are familiar with:  Everybody values education, and most of us value public education, and are willing to pay taxes for it.  But we have tripled our spending over the last generation, and we have no improvement to show for it.  So is that a problem money will solve?  Or are there other problems interfering with the normal relationship of money and quality?

    If a mayor or governor wants to really make a difference, start challenging solutions that aren’t working.

  • valley person

    Its interesting to see conservatives and liberals characterizing the proposed Columbia River Bridge as a waste of money. I guess they both like being stuck behind trucks.