Lars Larson on Caribou Barbie or Barry O.

I sure like Caribou Barbie a lot better than Barack Obama from Illinois.

They call her Caribou Barbie, and she got her first major interview yesterday with Charlie Gibson from ABC News. He asked her, “What would happen if John McCain were to go away and you had to be President? Are you ready?”

She says she is going to be President of the United States if called upon to do so. That’s one of the reasons we like Caribou Barbie. On the other hand there is Barack Obama.

Seven years ago, about a week after 9/11 and the terrorist attacks on America, he was asked to write a little piece for the local newspaper. Then a State Senator, Barack Obama, blamed the terrorist attacks on America, on America’s lack of empathy for the bad guys who attacked us. He says we need to sit down and understand them better. Maybe we haven’t been nice enough to them.

You want that for a Commander in Chief?

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    “Thanks Lars – And now we go to the Obama campaign headquarters for Mr. Obama’s rebuttal.”

    “Mr. Obama, would you care to address Lars’s point?”

    “Sure, its an unfair characterization. Ahhhhhhh ahhhhh a Ahhhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhhh Uh Ahhhhhhhhhh………..”

    “Ok, Apparently Mr. Obama is locked in an infinite “Ahhhhhhhh” brain loop. Thank you Mr. Obama, maybe you can get back to us with your answer in written form sans Ah Ahhh sil vous plait!”

    “God knows why all the Ahh stuff strikes some as intellectual or the sign of a great mind but apparently the Obama camp is sticking with it, back to you Lars!”

  • Jerry

    Lars – see story below for how Charlie treated her.

    Everyone knows if you stutter and stammer a lot you are really, really smart. You can’t talk fast enough to keep up with your super-sized brain, so you must pause and refesh. I find it very pleasant to listen to Obama when he speaks without a teleprompter. He is VERY wise indeed! Very deep. Very nuanced. Very, very smart.

    I wonder if his stutter and stammer have anything to do with his absolute refusal to attend any community style forums?

    This guy is pure genious. To suggest otherwise is simply cruel and judgmental.

    I want a Commander-in-Chief just like him – who will take days and days to make a decision, ponder everything -plumb the depths – check in with the UN – and then blame the US for the problem. He is truly a great, great man.

    I must pause my writing now for a stutter or stammer or two.

    I am back now – smarter than ever!!! And certainly smarter than you, whoever you are.

    • dartagnan

      Ummm, uhhh, could it be that Obama speaks slowly because he THINKS about what he’s saying, instead of just rattling off pre-packaged talking points written by his handlers like Caribou Barbie does? I saw the Charlie Gibson interview and it was obvious she had been programmed like a robot. Whenever Gibson threw her a question that she hadn’t been prepped for she was completely flummoxed and then reverted to one of her stock responses.

      No matter what she might think, Caribou Barbie is NOT equipped to be president.

  • r a y

    Oh yes, Lars. THAT’S the answer. Instead of trying to understand your enemy, or anyone else that is different from you, just the BOMB THE HELL OUT THEM. It’s the George W Bush way!

    Remember when it doubt, just think WWGWBD? (What Would George W Bush Do?)

    Don’t bother to understand why I feel this way. Just get out your gun!
    WWGWBD? (or is that WWDCD – What Would Dick Cheney Do?)

    • Steve Plunk

      Well Ray it seems you are failing to try and understand Lars. Plus a little BDS. Let me try a reasoned explanation to your rant.

      We actually understand our enemies. We have dealt with Islamic terrorists for decades and have a firm appreciation for their contempt for human life and sinister ways of making political points. They will kill you, kill themselves, and rejoice when their own children blow themselves up. We understood this enemy quite well before taking action. We understand them today.

      Perhaps you would like to respond with a reasoned argument?

      • dean

        Steve….when you say “we understand our enemies…” do you mean “Republicans?” Or “Americans?”

        Frankly I’m not sure we do understand them. What you cite are their actions, not their motivations.

  • Scottiebill

    Steve has it right, unlike Ray and Dean. When our enemies, such as those who flew into the twin towers and the Pentagon, attack us first, then you absolutely must hit them back much harder than they hit us. That way they my just get the message that you don’t screw around with the US. We cannot afford to us the Clinton/Carter approach and pat them on the butt and tell them that we feel their pain. Kick their asses and don’t bother taking names.

    • dean

      Oooohhh….sounds very tough Scottiebill. Presumably we have been administering Republican style ass-kicking for what….7 years now? Any signs that is working? Have the Taliban laid down their arms? Well no. Has bin Laden surrendered? No. Has Hamas or Hezbollah disbanded? Well….no to that as well. In Iraq, the “surge” had as much to do with paying off the Sunnis to stop killing us as it had to do with force.

      We kicked Viet Cong ass for over a dozen years and they did not get the message either. We are about to cede the future of Iraq to what is essentially a semi-functional Shiite theocracy allied with Iran. Who’s ass do we kick next, should McCain win?

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