Bill Sizemore files lawsuit to keep Voter Pamphlet statements

By Bill Sizemore,

Bill Sizemore filed a motion in Marion County Circuit Court this afternoon asking the court to order Secretary of State Bill Bradbury to include two of his arguments in the State Voters Pamphlet. Sizemore also filed a separate motion asking the court to enjoin Bradbury from printing the Voters Pamphlet until a final decision has been made in this case.

Sizemore learned this weekend that Bill Bradbury had rejected two Voters Pamphlet arguments Sizemore had filed under the headline, “Was Bill Sizemore Railroaded?”

Bradbury claims the two identical arguments do not support any measure because the arguments do not say anything about the measures, although both arguments were filed with the proper forms stating that they are arguments in support of Measures 60 and 64. Both arguments would be printed in the Voters Pamphlet on pages bearing a bold heading making it clear that they are arguments in support of the two measures.

Sizemore’s motion claims Bill Bradbury has no statutory authority to reject his arguments and cites an Oregon Supreme Court case which makes it clear that the relevance of a Voters Pamphlet argument is to be determined by the voters, not the Secretary of State.

“The public employee unions filed more than a dozen bogus arguments claiming that I was involved in racketeering, while I filed a mere two arguments countering their claims. My arguments explain to voters that I was not even a party to the case in question and that the judge who presided over the case concealed a blatant conflict of interest and should have recused himself,” Sizemore said. “Bradbury allowed his union friends to assassinate my character more than a dozen times in the Voters Pamphlet, but is refusing to allow me to defend myself,” he added.

In his rejected Voters Pamphlet arguments, Sizemore explains how the union lawyers were allowed to remove all Republicans from the Multnomah County jury pool, leaving a jury of 14 Democrats and one Green Party member, and that the Multnomah County judge who presided over the case, Judge Jerome LaBarre, concealed for three years the fact that his son was a member of the same union that was suing in his dad’s court and only confessed when his son became a teachers union president.

Sizemore’s Voters Pamphlet arguments also explain that the same unions that are now saying that Sizemore was “convicted” of racketeering told the jury during the trial that the case was not about Bill Sizemore and that Sizemore was not being sued and was not even a party to the case. “The unions are even associating my name with forgery, even though no one ever so much as suggested during the trial that I forged signatures or knowingly allowed anyone else to do so,” Sizemore said.

“The unions are carrying on as if I was some kind of convicted felon and yet never in my life have I been so much as charged with a crime,” Sizemore said. Sizemore says Bradbury is trying to stall and run out the clock, because the Voters Pamphlet is scheduled to go to the printers on Thursday, so he had no choice but to resort to the courts.

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  • Crawdude

    Typical liberal actions, hide one side from the people so they can’t make an informed decision. As Oregons economy implodes under the complete control of the liberals and their corrupt public employee union handlers, more and more initiatives will be filed to protect the people.

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      • Liberals have agenda

        If he’s guilty, how come no one’s making him pay? There’s your answer. I contribute $50,000 every year to OTU, and I wouldn’t do that if I thought the money was being used for “racketeering.”

  • Alan

    The fact that these errors keep happening to Republicans and people who want smaller government is no accident. It is a systemic problem we have with Bradburry. He should be held accountable.

  • Jerry

    Bill is an empyty suit.

  • SalemWatcher

    I was under the impression the two “arguments” submitted did not advocate or oppose any ballot measures. They were just statements designed to protest Sizemore’s court battles against the unions, etc.

    What if a company took out a ballot statement that just advertised a company with no relation to the measure whatsoever? I mean, it’s cheap advertising. $500 for an ad that goes to every registered voter in the state? I remember when a Portland dentist ran for office several years ago, on the platform of “quality dental care with reasonable prices…with several locations to serve you,” knowing his statement would go to every voter. It was a total joke and a mockery of public service…creatively done, but a mockery nonetheless.

    The voter’s pamphlet is not the place for that. If Bill wants to run a PR campaign to rehab his image, he can do that on his own. Sorry…I have to support Bradbury on this one. Lord knows I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.

    • Steve Plunk

      I understand your argument here but what about the statements made by the unions against Sizemore? If you undermine an initiative’s author and proponent in such a way should he not be entitled to defend himself in the same forum? And what about the Supreme Court’s ruling concerning such determinations? Bradbury seems to be wanting it both ways and ignoring the law.

      Bradbury as proven himself and extreme partisan and unworthy of holding his office.

  • SalemWatcher

    No doubt about it, Steve, Bradbury is a partisan hack. I completely agree. However, I haven’t read (or don’t remember) the arguments submitted by the unions against Sizemore. Did they oppose the measure or did they just attack the author without any suggestion of how readers should vote? I guess for me, that would be the distinction.

    I get that Bill wants to rehab his image. I find no fault in that, and I’ll vote for his stuff for the most part. But I’m getting tired of the messenger eclipsing the message. The best rehab is a well-executed and successful ballot measure campaign, not some pity-party masquerading as a voter pamphlet statement.

  • JessseO

    Convicted racketeers don’t really have much credibility with me.

    It’s not as if he had a bunch of democrats operatives convict him. He had 12 average citizens convict him.

    • cc

      “Convicted racketeers don’t really have much credibility with me.”

      Please be so good as to cite the case in which Sizemore was “convicted” of anything, JessseO.

      People with the inability to comprehend even the simplest concepts don’t really have much credibility with me…

      …especially those with three “esses” in their names.

    • Dave A.

      Looks like Jessse O. doesn’t know the difference between criminal and civil courts. Or maybe he’s just a “Blue Oregon” regular. LOL!!!

  • Crawdude

    Thanks for showing Bradbury up as the public union controlled hack that he is!

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