Oregon Poll: McCain within 6 points of Obama

From Moore Information:

Obama/Biden Narrowly Lead Presidential Race in Oregon : Our recent survey of Oregon voters shows Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin within six points of Barack Obama and Joe Biden (43% Obama/Biden, 37% McCain/Palin). Another 14% have not made a decision as of today, and 6% of Oregon voters say they would not vote for either set of candidates in the November election.

Poll info here:

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Do polls mean a whole hell of a lot right now? Probably not really. However when you have a state as dependably in the Democrats column as Oregon is being close at all, that’s at least a big warning sign to Mr. Ahhhh Ahh and his cohorts.

    This election should be like Regan/Mondale. A scary economy with bank failures such as most have never seen, a housing market that’s horrible and a war of questionable popularity, at least a year ago, at best. You would think Republicans would simply throw out sacrificial lamb, a Mondale, and give the batter a walk. Under conditions such as these if Obama has to spend more than the cost of a couple of plates of shrimp, some cocktail sauce and a few martini’s that says a lot about him as a candidate. I personally think people are having second thoughts. Novelty can only get one so far, and while bad conditions can make one want some sort of nebulous “change” actual experience can also start looking pretty good. I think people are starting to think about safety. They feel things are out of control but I frankly don’t think they really blame the government or any one individual. They see the hurricanes in Texas, the collapse of Merrill Lynch, Leaman brothers, they just want it to stop. Combine that with the fact that generally attitudes are better about Iraq. The feeling could be that we stayed the course in Iraq, and things are going better, maybe sometimes there is little one can do but stay the course? Perhaps the feeling of this election cycle is more one of riding out the storm rather than drastic change is needed. Perhaps, and this would be a big leap, people are finally catching on that there is only so much government can promise you. So promises of change, which come every election cycle, seem as empty as they truly are.

  • Jerry

    Well, Therri is sure having second thoughts!

  • Don

    This is a highly questionable poll because, among other things, there is no indication how many Ds/Rs were polled….

  • Gullyborg

    This is actually not good news for Republicans in Oregon. McCain is much more likeable for average Oregonians than GWB ever was, yet GWB was within 1-2 points in both his elections here. McCain should be at least tied up here, especially against a weak Obama and especially while he is climbing in polls everywhere.

    I think this spells certain doom for Republicans in Oregon this election year.

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