FreedomWorks Calls on Columbia Riverkeeper to Clarify Relationship with Eco-Terrorists, Extreme Fringe Movements

Press release from Lights on Oregon.

Contact: Russ Walker
Phone: 503-463-9457
Email: [email protected]

Portland, OR – It is well known that the Columbia Riverkeeper has a long history of opposing energy development, such as hydro-power and Liquid Natural Gas facilities in Oregon. What is not as well publicized is that the Columbia Riverkeeper is supported by extreme ideological groups that support the destruction of the American way of life and believe violence is a legitimate political act.

One such group is the SHAC 7. The Columbia Riverkeeper does not claim any formal connection with the SHAC 7. However, both are linked online through their friend networks on MySpace. MySpace pages have a feature to block or prevent unwanted associations.
When normal protest failed, the SHAC 7 resorted to stalking, threats of physical violence, vandalism, harassment, and engaging in a “course of conduct that placed certain named individuals (the victims) in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury to themselves or members of their families,” according to court documents. The SHAC 7 attempted to incite physical attacks on individuals associated with a British company with offices in New Jersey that runs an animal testing laboratory.

Other friends of the Columbia Riverkeeper include Marxist-Leninist groups such as North American Solidarity which claims on its web site, “that enemy is a global economic system,” and The Olin Study Group which is identified as, “an autonomous collective in Sin Fronteras Portland. Sin Fronteras’s aim is to combat capitalism and white supremacy as systems of domination and to link the anti-capitalist struggles of Latin America to our own struggles here at home.”

“Friends” include anarchists and Students for Unity, a self described, “radical student group out of Portland State University working on human rights issues such as ending cultural oppression and opposing the military.”

The Columbia Riverkeeper is also “friends” with the secessionist Cascadian Independence Project, a movement advocating the secession of Northern California, Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia to form a country based on a philosophy of extremist environmentalism.

FreedomWorks Northwest Regional Director Russ Walker commented:

“While the Columbia Riverkeeper is often against any proposed energy development in Oregon, it does not offer any solutions to the rising cost of energy.”

“When I was growing up, I was told that you are judged by the company you keep. In this case Oregon families need to see that the Columbia Riverkeeper considers anarchists, Marxist-Leninists, secessionists, and eco-terrorists as friends. These are folks that are not opposed to just energy development, but to energy use and our way of life. I call on the Riverkeeper to publicly distance itself from these extreme and dangerous groups.”

“Oregon families are being hit hard by rising energy costs and we need a balanced, “˜all of the above’ solution that taps domestic and emerging sources of energy. Our energy crisis demands serious policy, not inaction nor socialist pipedreams.”

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  • John Fairplay

    What is FreedomWorks?

    • Crawdude

      I think they have a website.

  • Anonymous

    FreedomWorks is a group of folks who encourage the free market system and oppose big government.

    • dean

      You mean like the Bush administation socializing the largest insurance company in the world?

      • Steve Plunk


        There you go again. There are enough smart people here you can be assured of fact checking.

        The government made a loan to AIG. That is not socializing anything. If AIG defaults on the loan (most experts don’t see that happening since AIG has a good asset base) they would forfeit equity but the government will not run the business. The equity shares would be sold.

        AIG’s troubles and the trouble permeating the financial industry can be traced back to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Those were government backed, under government regulations, and their CEO’s government appointees. I think I’ll stick with the free market.

        I know you like the hit and run tactics but it is getting tiresome.

        • dean

          Steve…I believe we have taken 80% control of AIG…we being we the people. We now own 80% of their stock. If that is not socializing them then I don’t know what it is. Not that I am opposed.

          • Steve Plunk


            Read the news closely. We loaned them money, a bridge loan. The 80% equity is security for the loan, we do not own it any more than the bank owns our houses because we have a mortgage.

  • JessseO

    You are SO desperate. Apparently you’re not aware of how social networking sites work, which is that people agree to all sorts of friends to simply network.

    It’s no more of a scandal than if I posted a Shac7 link here.


  • Anonymous

    I think the OC webmaster is very well aware of how social networking sites work. Are you?

    Unless you’re a naive and insecure thirteen year old, you don’t just let anyone be your friend, you choose your friends.

    If your premise was true, Columbia Riverkeeper would be friends with the vast array of porn peddlers who are always seeking new frineds on social networking sites. I don’t see Tila Tequila or any other SNS sluts listed as their friends.

  • Steve Plunk

    It’s always been a not well kept secret that mainstream environmental groups rely on fringe groups to do the dirty work for them. This mutual respect is not surprising.

    Let’s face it, groups like the Riverkeepers are just as kooky but have learned to disguise themselves for legitimacy. They are nearly as dangerous as the more radical groups because the give the movement cover.

    • dean

      And back to finances., the latest in…it looks like we, meaning you and me and all taxpayers, are about to take ownership of all the bad, uncollectable real estate debt run up by all the private banks and Wall Street. So instead of socializing one big insurance company, we are now socializing the entire financial system of the nation, with a loaded gun to our heads with 1, 2, or maybe 5 bullets in the chamber. We just can’t know. Not bad for a days work in the Bush Administration eh? The final triumph of deregulated capitalism.

      My God. And these people have the nerve to ask for a 4 year extension of their hold on the Presidency, with a lead candidate who knows nothing about economics, was hip deep in the Savings and Loan debacle, and with his second chair a know-nothing moose hunter who left her small city in deep debt. They are going to fix things by “reforming” Wahington by sort of but not really eliminating “entitlements,” and by drilling for oil. This bunch ought to slink off to a cave and beg our forgiveness. We have a deep hole to begin digging out of.

      • Steve Plunk


        I hesitate to respond since you are hijacking this thread but for gosh sakes your statements are so far off I can’t help myself.

        This mess all goes back to Fannie and Freddie. Government agencies, not in the private sector. And before you jump off into a political rant keep in mind much of this started under the Clinton administration and his appointees to Fannie and Freddie. Check out our friend Jamie Gorelick and her involvement with Fannie Mae. Clinton’s push to lower lending standards started this subprime mess.

        The fact is you continue to show how ill informed you are about these topics. As the cavemen say, how about a little research?

        • dean

          Steve…I agree…wrong place for this thread. But the propensity for conservatives to blame democrats for failures under their watch amuses me. Clinton is at fault for the bursting of the housing bubble that is now dragging down the US financial system? Please. If he put anything in place back then that may have led to where we are today, you had 12 years of a Republican Congress and 7 and 1/2 years of a Bush Administration to undo or correct whatever he did. If anything they continued with deregulation and put people in charge who looked the other way. And they ignored the housing bubble that happened on their watch.

          What we are experiencing is a consequence of deregulation. Clinton and other democrats were complicit in deregulation, but it is and was always a movement driven by conservatives and Republicans. When the chickens come home to roost, don’t blame the previous manager of the farm.

          Fannie and Freddie by the way, have not been “government agencies” for many years. Fannie was created by the Feds in the 1930s, privitized in the 60s. Freddie was chartered as a private corporation from the outset to serve as competition for Fannie. Neither was managed or controlled by the Feds, nor were the share holders ever guarenteed a bailout.

          I’ll grant you the last word and slink off to my liberal corner.

  • David

    Seems to me the capitalists are doing a far better job of destroying capitalism than any extreme group ever could….

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Oh good lord Dean, would you actually put some thought into a post before just going off on the boiler plate.

    Get over it, the “on their watch” phrase is so old its ridiculous. It was at its inception, and continues to be a non argument put out by those who really dont have much else to back up their claim.

    Most people learn real quick in grade school the fallicy of making the “on their watch” point real quick through a common exchange.

    “Gee, who cut the cheese?”

    “Ha Ha, he who smelt it dealt it”

    “Oh yeah? Well he who denyed it supplied it”

    Got it?

    • dean

      Gee Rupert…that added a lot to the discussion. OK…we’ll do this instead. Everything good that happens during an administration is because of what the previous administration did, and everything bad that happens is also due to the previous folks in charge. It may be confusing at first, but we can get accustomed to it after a while.

      By this measure, the first Bush administration was a smashing economic and foreign affairs successs, the Clinton Administration a dismal failure, and the current Bush Administration….too early to tell. Have to wait for 2 Obama terms to decide.

      Got it?

  • Rupert in Springfield

    It added a lot more to the discussion than you simply yammering on with “it happened on their watch”.

    Most people understand its a weak argument, the flatulence example being probably most peoples first experience with why it is a weak argument.

    Look, Dean, you don’t always have to argue something and when you cant think of a rebuttal argument sometimes it its best to back down as you did when I pointed out your sexism with regard to Nancy Pelosi in the last thread.

    When you start from an inherently weak position, i. e. “it happened on their watch”, you have to understand people are going to see that weakness and call you on it. If that’s what you lead with, it seems reasonable to assume you don’t have much to back it up. In this case you didn’t, thus you switched to shifting into absurdities as in this last post.

    And speaking of some of those absurdities, I sure as hell hope you aren’t trying to say the Clinton administration had any competence in foreign affairs? Ill cut you to ribbons on that one as I don’t think even Clinton himself would try to make that argument. The Clinton administration did have some successes, foreign affairs would not in anyway be considered a strong suit for them.

    • dean

      Rupert….someone who brings up farting to make a point should not critique someone else’s arguments as being “weak.”

      Beyond that…no….I meant what I said and I believe most reasonably inteligent, reasonably objective people would agree. If sh*t happens during your administration, i.e. meltdown of the financial system of the United states, sneak attacks, unresolved wars, and so forth, its on you baby. The buck stops here means not passing that buck to the previous administration. Historians can weigh in on ultimate responsibility, but politically we are on a 2 and 4 year cycle. So “it happened on their watch” stands, whether you accept it or not.

  • John in Oregon

    Dean, AIG is in conservator-ship. That’s similar to bankruptcy. Long term they have the assets to meet their oblations. They have a short term cash problem due to all the bad Fannie and Freddie paper.

    AIG put up 80% of its assets as collateral for a short term loan. Unlike Congress, the administrated actually followed sound lending practices by requiring collateral for the loan.

    Its best not to parrot the Obama talking points. Obama can’t even get the name of the company correct. Its American International Group.

    No Dean, Fannie and Freddie are *not “privatized”.* They are GSEs, *Government Sponsored* Enterpises. They exist as a mater of Federal Law and only because of Federal Law. Fannie, and Freddie, are government operations with a Politically inspired board and policy set by the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

    • dean

      John…ok but I miss your point. Is your point that it is fine for government to “loan” money to the largest insurance company in the world in exchange for collateral? If yes, should the government do the same for energy companies, auto companies, starbucks, and whomever else needs a loan but can’t secure one in the “free” market? How is this different from state socialism? And I’ll add that my brand of “socialism” is government doing for people what the private market can’t or won’t provide at a satisfactory level. The brand we seem to have here is government deciding it is in the banking business, and we have not even gotten to the next step on the table, which is you and me and all readers taking ownership of $700 billion in possibly worthless assets as a desperate attempt to head off the 1930s.

      Reaganomics (deregulation) is dead. Long live Bush. We will be paying for his screw ups for generations. I don’t care what Obama can pronounce or not pronounce at this point. I want Republicans out of power. They have totally and utterly blown it.

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