Senate GOP counters Courtney Economic

[Oregon Senate Republican Release]
Senate Republicans offer Courtney
ideas for job creation

Salem, OR — Following a press release issued Monday from Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) that made the observation “jobs are key to economic recovery,” Senate Republicans are offering Courtney two ideas that could create over 20,000 jobs and help end Oregon’s highest unemployment rate since 2005.”We are thrilled that the Senate President has come to the realization that jobs are the basis of economic recovery, given that we have hemorrhaged over 25,000 jobs in the past year,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Senate Republicans have been advocating several concepts that will put Oregonians back to work, and we are looking forward to the Senate President’s co-operation on the ideas.”

Senate Republicans have been fighting for tax relief for working families that would create 19,951 new jobs, according to the Legislative Revenue Office. The concept would put more Oregonians into a lower tax bracket and provides the average working family with a 20% tax break. The tax relief puts $375 million back into the economy every year. It also restores fairness to the tax structure by taking low income earners out of the higher tax brackets. The proposal accomplishes these goals by doubling the size of Oregon’s 5%, 7% and 9% tax brackets, so Oregonians pay less tax on more income.

Senate Republicans are also advocating for a plan that puts Oregonians to work managing the state’s forests to keep them green and cut carbon emissions from forest fires. Proper management could result in thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars placed back into the economy.

“Job creation efforts are long over-due to Oregonians who have seen and felt this crisis coming for the past year,” said Ferrioli. “Thankfully, the Senate President now understands how important jobs are in our state, so now is the time for the legislature and Governor to act. Let’s get Oregonians back on the job and our economy back on track.”

Oregon lost another 7,400 jobs in August, raising Oregon’s unemployment rate from 5.9 percent to 6.5 percent. 123,116 Oregonians were unemployed in August.


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  • Crawdude

    The jelly fish Oregon GOP once again refuses to address the tens of thousands of illegal aliens taking jobs from legal citizens in this state.

    The Oregon GOP has no principles, they are worth listening to! Better the liberals keep complete control like they have now, that way the only people they can blame for their disasterous ideas are themselves.

    When the Oregon GOP is willing to address real problems and come up with real solutions, they may start winning elections. Heck, the can’t even beat a kook like Ben Westlund for a minor state position, lol!

    • Anonymous

      It’s the GD checked pants country club Republicans that have run this party into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Crawdude, I come from a county that has been decimated by the loss of timber jobs. and trust me, it isn’t because illegals have come in and taken them. The government and enviros sure have though.

    • Crawdude

      I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, that has absolutely nothing to do with my post, so why you replied to it is a mystery.

      All illegals should be romoved from this country and all employers should be prosecuted for employing them, end of story. They are a drag on our economy and drive our wages down!

  • Josh Reynolds


    How many small businesses have owned? Rising regulations, higher fees, etc. have caused small owners to hire under the table wage earners because they are unable to compete.

    • Crawdude

      Making an excuse for breaking the law is pathetic. If a business cannot make it by following the law than it isn’t a viable business.

      Under your silly reasoning: Pharmacists should be allowed to water down the drugs they sale, restaurants should be allowed to sell spoiled food, grocery stores should be allowed to sale out of date produce, fisherman should keep as much as possible, hunters should shot as many deer and elk as they want.

      Your logic for hiring illegals, breaking both state and federal laws, it illogical…………an embarrassingly grade schoolish.

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