Lars Larson on LNG and Oregon’s needs

Thursday we got into quite a debate because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had decided to finally give approval to Oregon’s LNG importation terminal. They are planning to put it in just upriver from Astoria.

I think it is a great idea. Now I know some people disagree. Those people say, “We don’t need more LNG. No more natural gas in the state of Oregon.”

The governor disagrees with me, but let me give you facts. Fact is, the cost of natural gas has tripled in the last five years. It’s going up again this fall. That’s hurting people badly.

Two, they’re not going to spend $600 million to create an LNG importation terminal unless they think they are going to be able to sell it here. The only way to sell it here is if you bring it in at a lower price than it is already selling for right now.

Seems to me, Oregon could use that extra LNG. We could use the big private investment and we could use some way to control our natural gas costs.

Congratulations to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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