Obama Plays the Race Card

Obama and his campaign have been playing the race card for all it is worth. They contend the only reason he might not win is that he is half white and half African. I can think of just a few, far more relevant and important reasons why he might not win. They are:

1. His senate career of 143 days seems a bit short.
2. His “community organizing” mostly consisted of helping register voters who were not actually eligible to vote. (Psst — hey pal, want a free cigarette?)
3. His foreign policy experience consists of having visited some foreign lands a while ago and of being willing to sit and talk things over with terrorists without preconditions and ordering military strikes on Pakistan (a nuclear power).
4. Having to think about his economic plan before commenting on the crisis in our financial markets and having to “consult” his “advisors, who are primarily from the failed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac institutions.
5. In his own words, his “Muslim faith”.
6. Our 57 states with one left to visit.
7. His assertion that Washington needs to change and then his pick of a tired, old senator from a very, very small and insignificant state who’s most memorable campaign remark so far has been, “Stand up, Chuck”.
8. His consistent voting as “present” while in the state legislature.
9. His lie that he is on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.
10. His sincere and insightful comment about the “bitter clingers”.
11. His reliance on the teleprompter to the degree that he takes it outside in the rodeo ring so he can complete a sentence or two without stuttering and stammering.
12. His comment that he did not want his daughters to be punished with a baby.
13. His refusal to drill for more oil because it won’t solve anything right away.
14. His dependence on tire pressure to solve our energy crisis.
15. His friendship with Bill Ayers.
16. His friendship with Reverend Wright
17. His friendship with Bernardine Dohrn
18. His treasonous request to the Iraqi government to delay negotiating US troop withdrawals until after the election.
19. His vote, three times, to allow the killing of a baby who survives a botched abortion.
20. His assertion that the surge would not work and his admission after it did work that it did but that he still did not support it.