Secretary Bradbury wrong on oil drilling

Secretary Bradbury wrote an op-ed piece saying we should not drill for oil. His arguments were riddled with contradictions and some speculation.

He asserts that expanded drilling will increase gasoline demand. Actually increased drilling has no affect on demand but will increase domestic supply or keep it from falling as it is now doing. This in turn would tend to lower costs and help, not “hurt Oregonians”, as he claims. I thought he wanted lower costs?

He also says that we should start now to develop other energy sources that might take 10 years to occur. If it is good to invest now, presumably taxpayer money, for returns in the future it certainly is even more advantageous to start drilling now. Drilling costs the taxpayer nothing and actually reduces taxpayer burdens because the leases are “sold” to prospectors for cold hard cash. They also create new jobs and taxes.

This argument that it will take too long to bring in new oil is very much like the 30 year old saying that there is no sense in saving for retirement now he can just take his chances later that he might win the lottery. Sooner is always better than later.

Lastly his speculation that alternative energy pursuits will create lots of jobs is just that, speculation. We do know, however, that less oil and gas will affect current jobs. Higher natural gas costs drive up the cost of of many products. Farm jobs would be affected by higher fertilizer costs making the product more expensive. Diesel fuel costs affect trucking, rail and airlines making hundreds of products more expensive. This country thrives on cheap transportation to get our products to markets including the ports for export. Not to mention that every barrel of oil and every BTU of gas we produce here does not need to be purchased with US funds sent to foreign countries, some of whom are not our friends.

With environmental safeguards, drilling now is a logical and an economic benefit to us all and we should pursue it.

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  • Steve Plunk

    While many are gnashing their teeth over the “bailout” of the financial sector we forget how many billions of dollars we are sending overseas for oil. The cumulative effect of this wealth transfer has weighed on our economy for years. Domestic drilling solves problems rather than creates them as Bradbury would have us believe.

    The Democrats in Congress are right now readying their bill to extend the offshore drilling ban. Hoping to sneak it in while we panic over Wall Street’s woes. Speaker Pelosi has no intention of allowing democracy to work within our own Congress and allow a straight vote on drilling. This single Democrat from one congressional district in San Francisco will dictate our national energy policy unless we act.

    While we can count on Walden those of you from the northern part of the state must contact your congressmen and insist on a free an open debate concerning offshore drilling. Demand a vote on drilling and call for the reigning in of Speaker Pelosi and her radical leftist ideas.

    Oil has jump nearly $30 a barrel in the last week. This kind of instability can do more damage than just high prices alone. Investors will exercise caution and growth will slow. Energy could be more important to the future than the mortgage crisis. We need the stimulus of a good energy policy and our own domestic oil production.

  • Reper

    Secretary of State? drilling?

    • Alan

      Czar Bradbury

  • John in Oregon

    Typical of Bradbury to get out to promote the Democratic *drill nothing* DONKEY program.

    DONKEY, Drill ONly Known Empty Yield.

    The House of Nancy Pelosi has passed exactly ZERO budget bills. Congress must pass a continuing resolution before September 30 in order to prevent a government shut-down.

    Never let it be said that Nancy fails to see an opportunity inside every failure. She is attaching the drill nothing bill which establishes permanent bans on development of most domestic energy sources, natural gas, oil shale, etc to every Continuing Resolution and Financial Bill.

    One thing must be said about the Democratic power structure. Party discipline is total. The Democratic Party quest for political power is paramount above all else.

    At one time my Democrat party produced people of Honor. Truman and JFK come to mind.

    And today my party offers … the *drill nothing* DONKEY bill. The Democrat Donkey has become a Jack Ass.

  • Anonymous

    What a joke.

    Reminds me of the similar ploy to avoid adding capacity to our roads. The “induced demand” farce that claims adding road capacity will trigger new driving.

  • Steve Plunk

    At about 3:30 pm pacific time Yahoo news reported house democrats have decided to let the offshore ban expire. Let’s see if it’s true and let’s watch what happens next. This could put big pressure on poeple like Bradbury. I wonder if there’s oil revenue in them thar waves?

  • Anonymous

    Bradbury and Kulongoski are so stupid they would stick to their schtick even if Washington and California were harlessly horizontally drilling into off-shore Oregon. He would call us special as we wallowed into becoming the Mississippi of the West coast while our neighbors took advantage of our resources.

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