Alert: Greg Machpherson on LCDC?

[Press release from OIA]
Action Alert!

Last month, Governor Ted Kulongoski announced the appointment of Greg Macpherson to fill a vacancy on the Land Conservation and Development Commission. As many of you know, Mr. Macpherson is the state legislator from Lake Oswego who led the charge to draft Measure 49, run it through the legislature on a straight party line vote, and craft an exceedingly deceptive ballot title for the Measure without any public input.

As a reward, Governor Kulongoski has nominated Macpherson for a vacant spot on LCDC. If Macpherson becomes an LCDC commissioner, he will have no sympathy for Measure 49 claimants, rural Oregon property owners, or anyone who wants to make reasonable changes to our broken statewide land use planning system.

During his legislative career, Macpherson has opposed the most reasonable changes to Oregon’s land use laws. The last thing that LCDC needs is another hyper-partisan Portland area legislator who cares nothing about fixing a broken set of laws that are nearly four decades old.

Fortunately, there is still time to voice your concern to the Governor’s office for appointing someone like Macpherson, who is so unwilling to see both sides of an issue. Tomorrow, the Senate Rules Committee will consider Macpherson’s appointment, and Thursday, the full Senate will vote on Macpherson’s appointment. There are two people who need to understand that Oregonians want a more balanced and fair LCDC. Those people are Governor Kulongoski and Senator Richard Devlin, the chair of the Senate Rules Committee.


The Governor’s telephone number is (503) 378-3111.

Senator Devlin’s telephone number is (503) 986-1719.


Dave Hunnicutt

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  • Jared

    Dave — before Measure 49 passed, you said it would kill Measure 37 and was a repeal. After Measure 49 passed, you said it was no big deal and was not a message from voters to repeal Measure 37. Now it’s a big deal again?

    You’re giving me whiplash.

  • Dave Hunnicutt


    Read the action alert. Greg Macpherson led a completely partisan effort to craft Measure 49, along with a ballot title that had been crafted not in the normal course (the way all other ballot titles are crafted) but through a process that skipped the Attorney General, skipped the Oregon Supreme Court, and skipped any comment by the public. In fact, as we obtained through a public records request, the ballot title was crafted as a result of polling and focus groups conducted by the Governor’s office and the M49 campaign. Let’s see – instead of having a ballot title that conveys neutral information, we’ll take focus groups and conduct polling to create a ballot title that the voters will approve. And Greg Macpherson was an active participant in that effort.

    As far as the effect of Measure 49, its too early to tell how the measure will work for new land use regulations. But one thing is for certain – those people who took the time to travel to Salem to testify to the legislature and who were promised by Greg Macpherson that they would be taken care of quickly have been lied to (again). The “fast track” that Macpherson promised for M37 claimants who wanted to create a couple of lots for their kids or their retirement is anything but. At the current rate, the state will not finish processing the M49 claims until 2014. How’s that for a fast track.

    Macpherson has distinguished himself as someone who’s willing to do anything to get his way (see how he distorted John Kroger’s record during the campaign for A.G. for further proof). He’s not the kind of person that will listen to opinions of those with whom he disagrees. That makes him the wrong choice for LCDC.

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